Welcome to the Point Chart!


How it Works: 

  • Step 1: Choose from one of the three buckets — Politics, Public Awareness & Mobilizing or Fund Development.
  • Step 2:  Each individual assignment under each bucket is worth either 1 point, 10 points, 20 points or 30 points depending on the section you choose from. For example, if your manager asks you to do 10 points from the Point Chart, you only need to select a single assignment from the 10 points section.
  • Step 3: Document your success and send the results to your manager. This can be as simple as a screenshot of an email or as fancy as photos or video footage.
  • Note: Point chart assignments are tasks that you will complete over and above the minimum requirements of your program. For instance, if you wrote a letter to the editor as part of your week 8 tasks, this would not count as a point chart assignment. However, if you choose to write a second letter to the editor, you can add 10 points to your tracker!


30 Points


Politics Public Awareness & Mobilizing Fund Development
Create a mega “Swarm” of 20+ people contacting a Congressional leader in the same day. Speak to a group or class. Run a marathon for the cause.
Attend a “Coffee with Constituents.” Call a talk radio show. Take the $1,378 challenge.
Present to City Council Host a garage sale/yard sale.
Present to a Rotary Club. Create a 1-mile campaign
Write an Article for our Blog.


20 Points

Politics Public Awareness & Mobilizing Fund Development
Bird-Dog. Get media coverage. Do a “Random Feat” fundraiser.
Write a letter to your Congressional leader. Table at an event. Host a Living Room Summit.
YouTube your leader. Email 20 groups asking them to have their members contact Congress. Host a Non-Event Fundraiser.
Pitch to an Influencer. Become a monthly donor ($10 more).
 Submit a Story to a Podcast. Arrange an informal tournament.
Donate your Birthday or Wedding.


10 Points

Politics Awareness & Mobilizing Fund Development
Create a “Swarm” of 6+ people contacting their Congressional leaders in the same day. Post fliers on corkboards in coffee shops, apartment, break room, etc. Quit a bad habit for a week (cigarettes, bars, coffee, etc.) and donate the money saved to the cause.
Email the Foreign Policy LA for each of your Congressional leaders. Transform an empty window. Divert. Donate the amount you would have spent at dinner, bar, movie or whatever activity you would have otherwise.
Tweet or post to your leaders. Submit content to a newsletter. Arrange a “No Dress Code Day at Work.”
Network for the cause. Sell stuff on Craigslist and donate the proceeds.
Send us a photo or video. eBay for The Borgen Project. Sell your junk.
Write a letter to the editor. Auction yourself.
Post 10 Links. Auction your friends.
Mention volunteer ops to a class. Sell Your Old Clothes.


1 Point

Politics Awareness & Mobilizing Fund Development
+1 for everyone you teach how to call Congress. Have them add their leaders to their cellphone contacts and make a call in front of you. +1 for everyone you tell about The Borgen Project. +1 for every dollar donated or raised.
Post to your Congressional Leaders’ social media account (limit 3x per month). +1 for every time you post a link to a borgenproject.org page on your social media or website.
+1 for making a weekly call to your Congressional leader. +1 for every person you mobilize to post a link to borgenproject.org on their social media or site.
+ 1 for emailing your Congressional leader.  Pitch to the media.
 +1 for each Tweet to media.
 +1 for each Post on Quora.










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