What to Know: City council’s do nor have the political power to fund U.S. foreign assistance programs (only Congress and the White House do). The purpose of presenting to your local city council is to raise awareness of an issue and ask the council to reach out to Congressional leaders representing your city.


Two Minute Pitch Format


  • Introduction: State who you are (I’m Joe Smith and I’m here as an ambassador for The Borgen Project. We are a national organization that works to engage citizens locally in efforts to see stronger U.S. leadership go toward improve living conditions.
  • Issue Awareness and Local Connection: “Like many U.S. cities, as global hunger rates were cut in half over the past 20-years, Tulsa has benefited from this. The rising number of consumers worldwide has opened new markets for Tulsa companies.”
  • The Ask: “I’d like to ask the Tulsa City Council to send a letter to Sen. X, Sen. Y and Rep. Z letting them know that the council views global development programs as crucial for creating more consumers globally and new markets for Tulsa’s businesses.”
  • Wrap Up: “Thank you for your time.”



  • You need to make the local connection of how global poverty-reduction has created new jobs in America and your city especially. Live in a small rural town with few companies? Look up where the local farmers are exporting their products.
  • Bring background material. This will be distributed to the council. Include your contact information.


What to Expect? City council meetings are often formal and boring… That being said, they can get very heated and intense. Go in with thick skin. You probably won’t encounter any jerks, but anytime you’re advocating for something there’s often snarky people ready to pounce.


You’re Going to Be on TV

Most city council meetings are broadcast on TV, so have someone record it for you! The meeting are often re-broadcast throughout the week as well. Send us the video! We love to watch these and will possibly share it on the site!