How it Works?

Doing a no dress code day at work is a simple way to raise funds. On the designated day, instead of having to wear business attire to work, employees who put money in the donation jar can dress casual.


Getting Started

1. Ask your boss if it’s okay. We recommend engaging a few co-workers beforehand and suggest it together. If you’re in a big company, Human Resources, Department Heads or the Internal Communications team might be helpful allies in promoting the idea across the company.

2. Build buzz for it. In the days leading up to the event, post fliers for it in the cafeteria, discuss it at the water cooler and tell the office gossipers.

3. Bring jars. Print signs for the jars that explain the purpose. Leave information about The Borgen Project next to the jars.

4. Mail in the money raised. If it’s in cash and coin you can simply mail in a check for that amount.