Solutions to Poverty

These are some of the many inventions that are improving conditions for people living in the poorest regions of the world.


Below are a handful of the many wonderful inventions that organizations and businesses are developing and utilizing to help the world’s poor. The Borgen Project works to raise public and political awareness of ways that life can be improved for people who are struggling to survive. We don’t make or distribute the products below.


Roughrider Wheelchairs

Over 20 million people in developing countries are in need of wheelchairs. With 15 different seat settings, Roughrider wheelchairs are an inexpensive solution that can handle myriad terrains, are portable, and are easy to repair.
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The Hippo Roller

With millions of people walking several miles a day to access clean water, the Hippo Roller helps impoverished people conserve energy and provide water for their families.
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Solar-Powered Irrigation

Innovations in solar pump design now make all kinds of irrigation to make agriculture possible in areas that previously could not be farmed.
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One Laptop Per Child

Low cost computer designed for children in developing countries. It has built-in wireless and screen that is readable under direct sunlight.
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HotPot Solar Ovens

Using the power of the sun, Hotpot ovens provide families with an inexpensive way to cook meals.
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Plumpy’nut is a simple yet ground-breaking substance that in 2-4 weeks transforms a malnourished toddler from near death to healthy. Plumpy’nut contains 500 calories of peanut butter, milk, vitamins and minerals in a paste form.
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The Uhuru Ambulance

In many remote regions, lack of effective transportation to a hospital or clinic results in death. The Uhuru is a cost effective way for poor, rural communities to transport the sick.


The LifeStraw filters water as people drink from lakes, puddles and any source of dirty water.
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KickStart Irrigation Pump

An innovative manual pump system, designed to cheaply and effectively irrigate 1 to 2 acres of land is finding customers, rich and poor, across East Africa.
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Lifesaver Water-Purification Bottle

The Lifesaver bottle can make the most revolting swamp water drinkable in seconds. A single long-lasting filter can clean 6,000 liters of water.

Kite Patch

Kite Patch is a small sticker that protects humans from mosquitoes for up to 48 hours.
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Jet Injector

Injections are no longer needed to provide vaccines. The new Jet Injector uses high pressure to deliver the substance, a safer and simpler method for children to get the vaccines they need.
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The Uniject auto disable injection system (Uniject), born in PATH’s Seattle shop, is little more than a small bubble of plastic attached to a needle. Originally developed for use with vaccines, Uniject now promises to extend the reach of other lifesaving drugs as well as contraception.
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Life Sack

The Life Sack is an ingenious water purification device that does double duty as a container for shipping grains and other food staples. Once the food has been received, the sack can be used as a solar water purification kit through its UV-A-radiation and thermal treatments.
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Omni Processor

Innovative machine converts human waste into drinkable water.
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