speak to college class
Professors will often allow students make announcements regarding volunteer and intern ops. If you’re in college, reach out to your professors and those teaching classes related to our cause (Political Science, International Affairs, etc.). If you are not a student, find universities and schools near you and search their websites for their staff directory. Reach out to professors teaching classes related to our cause.

Step 1. View The Borgen Project’s national volunteer and internship openings.


Step 2. Email professors at your university asking if you can come in before their class and mention current ops to their students.


Step 3. Plan what you’re going to say, arrive early and give a short 2-3 minute overview of what The Borgen Project is and current openings.



“Alright, for those of you who aren’t familiar with The Borgen Project, it’s an innovative, national campaign that is working to reduce extreme poverty. The organization has volunteer and internship openings right now. The full details are at borgenproject.org, but they’re looking for Writers, Editors and Political Affairs Interns. And the website again is borgenproject.org, that’s b-o-r-g-e-n-project dot org. Thank you!”