What is a Non-Event Fundraiser?

A non-event fundraiser is an event that raises money but doesn’t have to really exist. The concept is to save guests and the organization both time and money by not going through the trouble of an actual event.


How to Host a Non-Event Fundraiser

1. Make a list of everyone you know (friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc.). Go big with your list! Whether they buy a ticket or not this is a great op to introduce people to the cause. Send [email protected] the names of everyone you sent an invite to and we’ll let you know who donated. The Borgen Project mails donors a Thank you letter and official tax-deduction document, but be sure to send a personal Thank You.

2. Personalize and print out invitations (next page). The template is highlighted in yellow where you’ll want to add your name and info. Remove the yellow before sending.

3. Send to your contacts. Follow up via email or phone. Have fun with it! For example, “I’m just calling to make sure you’re not coming to my party.” The beauty of the non-event is it’s a fun way to encourage people to donate without having to feel nervous about asking them to contribute.

What you’ll need for the non-event:
• List of your contacts with addresses (email or Facebook the invitation to those you don’t have an address for).
• Standard Envelopes.
• Stamps.
• Ideally, small return envelopes (Write The Borgen Project’s address) are helpful but not required.


Tips for Raising the Big Bucks:

• Ask friends to be “Table Captains” at your fundraiser. In this role, they’ll have their own table at the non-event and be responsible for selling 5 seats.
• The more “points of contact” you have with your invitees the better. People tend to prioritize things if they keep hearing about it. It’s too easy to open an invite and then forget about it. A good multiple points of contact strategy might look like this:

  • Before mailing your invite, email/Facebook guests a link to borgenproject.org to let them know that you’re planning a non-event and encourage them to check out the cause. If you don’t have a mailing address for them, this initial email is a good op to ask for it.
  • Mail invite.
  • Follow-up fun. Call and email, “Dude, you haven’t RSVP’d to my party, is the check for your ticket in the mail or what?!”


Download How to Non-Event Fundraise