Apartments, Dentists, Real Estate Agents and a variety of other small businesses rely on newsletters to stay in touch with customers. Many of these are widely viewed, but for the person in the office charged with creating the newsletters, it’s often a time-consuming menace that distracts from their core job duties… And that’s where you come in. Sending them ready to print stories and factoids makes their job easier (copy and paste) and gets the organization and issues in front of their audience.


1. Reach out to the newsletters that you receive. If your chiropractor mails you a newsletter once a month, ask her office if they’d be interested in content for it. Also ask friends and family if the company they work for has a newsletter.

2. Write interesting content and if possible tailor it toward the newsletters industry. If it’s a newsletter for a dentist, send factoids or write an article about what percentage of the world lacks access to dental care.



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