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Priyanka Chopra’s Activism in Kenya

Priyanka Chopra’s activism in Kenya sparked interest on social media, where the actress documented her trip and appealed to her followers to support UNICEF’s efforts against Kenya’s hunger crisis. The “Matrix Resurrections” star is an established goodwill ambassador of UNICEF and has traveled to the country to help its children and people to obtain the […]

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5 Organizations Aiding PwDs in Kenya

The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated countries worldwide with illness, fear and economic instability. However, its impact has not been equal for everyone. The pandemic has affected persons with disabilities (PwDs) disproportionately. More than 15% of the global population are PwDs, 80% of whom live in developing countries. More than 2.2% (0.9 million people) of the […]

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How Ethical Food Consumption Reduces Poverty

Many food industries exploit workers and degrade the environment to produce cheap, low-quality food. Ethical food consumption reduces poverty by limiting support for food companies that do not prioritize human rights or environmental sustainability. With the proper knowledge and motivation, people can adopt a wide range of healthy, affordable, ethical and sustainable food practices. 7 […]

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COVID-19’s Effect on Homelessness in England

COVID-19 rocked the planet when it first came into the limelight during 2020, and it only spiraled out of control as the year went on and more and more countries went into lockdown. England has had a notoriously significant homeless issue with almost 220,000 homeless people by the end of 2019, up from the almost […]

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ARMMAN Improves Maternal and Newborn Health in India 

Maternal and newborn health in India is a pressing issue. Women die every day before and during childbirth, yet 90% of these maternal deaths are entirely preventable with adequate healthcare. Poverty exacerbates maternal mortality, with about 94% of maternal deaths occurring in lower-income nations. In lower-income nations, the common obstacles in receiving proper healthcare include […]

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NGOs in Turkey Help Refugees Access Education

Turkey has the largest refugee population in the world, hosting more than 3.6 million Syrian refugees and about 320,000 refugees from other countries. With mass amounts of people migrating to Turkey, there are several complications that must be accounted for, one being the issue of accessible education for those entering the country. Listed below are […]

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India’s Cinema and Poverty

India is a country that has strived to combat its rampant poverty over the past few decades. It is also one of the most well-known countries on earth, not just because of its population, but also because of its cultural influence. India’s poverty and cultural significance intertwine with its massive and diverse film industry, which […]