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The Biggest Global Issues Facing Humankind

Hundreds of millions of people around the world experience insufficient living conditions due to environmental factors, displacement, disease, poverty or some combination of the four. Here is a list of the biggest global issues that plague humankind. The Biggest Global Issues Facing Mankind 1. Food and Malnutrition Food and nutrition are essential for just about […]

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10 Facts About Corruption in Cuba

Ever since the small Caribbean nation of Cuba became a nation in 1902, corruption at all levels of its society has plagued it. From the face of the nation to the small-time citizen, corruption impacts almost every person in Cuba. Cuba has suffered over a century of corrupt government officials, businessmen and everyday citizens taking […]

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10 Facts About Child Labor in Sierra Leone

Child labor is defined as work that harms children mentally and physically and deprives them of their childhood. Child labor is illegal in many countries, but some countries have found loopholes in their legal frameworks which enables the use of children in some of the toughest work environments. Sierra Leone’s minimum employment age is 18, […]