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6 Poverty-Fighting Charities in El Salvador

As of 2020, poverty affected 26% of El Salvador’s population. This issue of poverty arises from diverse factors, with limited access to education being a prominent one. According to the CIA factbook, more than 10% of those aged 15 and above lack basic reading and writing skills. This constraint hampers citizens’ ability to participate in […]

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Toy Drives and Libraries Enhance Child Development in Ghana

In the coastal West African nation of Ghana, poverty poses significant challenges for many children. This issue extends beyond monetary constraints; it frequently revolves around inadequate access to education, both within and beyond the classroom. However, recent initiatives have made strides in enhancing child development in Ghana, specifically by facilitating children’s access to essential learning […]

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Understanding growing Drug Rehabilitation in Malta

In June 2023, 13 individuals from Caritas Malta – a drug rehabilitation program in Malta – graduated in front of crowds celebrating their success. Those in attendance included President George Vella and Bishop Joseph Galea Curmi, Auxiliary Bishop of Malta. Alongside Caritas Malta, five individuals graduated from a 14-month residential program that Malta’s Sedqa agency […]

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Eliminating Child Poverty in Namibia

The Republic of Namibia, situated in southern Africa, was established in 1990. It shares borders with Angola and Zambia to the north, Botswana and South Africa to the south and the South Atlantic Ocean to the west. Namibia, a middle-income parliamentary democracy, is famous for its political stability and rich cultural diversity. Its economy revolves […]

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The Impact of Typhoon Doksuri in the Philippines

On July 26, 2023, Typhoon Doksuri struck the Philippines, affecting 502,782 Filipinos. The impact was significant, leading to unfortunate consequences. According to the national disaster agency, 13 individuals lost their lives due to flooding and landslides. Tragedy further unfolded as a ferry boat capsized due to Doksuri’s powerful winds, resulting in an additional 26 fatalities. […]

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Stanford’s New Powder Disinfects Contaminated Drinking Water

With more than 2 billion people lacking access to safe drinking water, the challenge of water scarcity looms large. According to UNICEF, nearly half of the global population could face water scarcity by 2025. To address this impending crisis, researchers at Stanford University are pioneering a novel approach: a powder that swiftly purifies contaminated water. […]


Human Trafficking in Djibouti: A Call to Action

In the heart of East Africa, Djibouti faces a multifaceted battle against human trafficking. Despite the conclusion of its Civil War in 1994, Djibouti remains fragile, with ongoing clashes. Insufficient infrastructure capacity and resources prevent authorities from effectively tackling the issues of human trafficking in Djibouti. Corruption and limited policy options further compound the challenges. […]


5 Things to Know About the MINDS Act

According to the World Health Organization, as of 2019, 970 million people worldwide suffer from mental health issues. The Mental Health in International Development and Humanitarian Settings (MINDS) Act — which is currently being voted on in Congress — will draw political attention to the widespread mental health crisis that is occurring across the globe. […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Hunger in Chad

The landlocked nation of Chad, located in Central Africa, has continuously experienced challenges in addressing its ongoing poverty crisis. While many recent efforts by international programs have brought clean water and a steady supply of food to millions, hunger in Chad still affects many men, women and children there. Conditions Causing Hunger in Chad According […]