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The History of Measles in Costa Rica

The ninth century marked the first diagnosed case of measles globally. Since then, innumerable cases of measles have been reported across the world, including Costa Rica. What is Measles? Measles is viral and highly contagious. An issue surrounding the spread of measles is the length of time between contraction of the virus and the first […]

Progress and Development in Bangladesh

More than 3.3 million Bangladeshis live in extreme poverty. Poverty is an ongoing issue for the country, but Bangladesh has worked on improving education and health and reducing poverty. In addition, the U.S. has contributed billions of dollars to Bangladesh to support it in its development. U.S. assistance to Bangladesh involves helping “grow more food, […]

Unsafe Water and Women: Improving Sanitation

Access to clean water can be indicative of many things. For starters, it denotes socioeconomic statuses around the world. Communities are more likely to fall sick with waterborne diseases like diarrhea, dysentery and typhoid if they only have access to unsafe water. As a result, they recurrently expend much of their income on health care […]

Chefs for Change Connects Fine Cuisine and Rural Farming

In 2015, the United Nations developed a set of objectives that aim to end all forms of poverty by 2030. There are 17 points in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). These points, if achieved, will help to bring the world towards a more sustainable future, one without poverty or hunger. Certain organizations have implemented programs that […]

Tackling Plastic Waste in India: A Victory for Mumbai

A Mumbai beach called Versova was covered in used plastic for the longest time. Imagine bottles, dirty plates, bags and wasted plastic skewed all over so that Versova did not look like a beach, but rather a large landfill. The United Nations branded this now, virgin stretch of shoreline the “world’s largest beach clean-up project”. […]


Solutions for Addressing Faecal Sludge and Septage Issues

In 2010, the U.N. formally recognized the human right to clean water and sanitation as crucial to survival, but this recognition only ensures that countries do their best to provide clean water to communities with the resources available. And in some cases, the resources are extremely limited. Although there are strategies being developed to improve […]