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What to Know About Poverty in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe was once a rising economy in Africa, with its mining and agricultural industries propelling the country forward. However, Zimbabweans now struggle with war, internal corruption, hyperinflation and industrial mismanagement. A closer look at the country provides insight into the context of poverty in Zimbabwe. 8 Facts About Poverty in Zimbabwe Poverty affects 76.3% of […]

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Addressing Human Trafficking in Cuba

Human trafficking in Cuba is a very present and ongoing issue. It has been on the rise for years, especially in regards to forced labor and government-sponsored labor export programs. Studies have revealed that the government forced and bribed as many as 30,000 Cuban doctors and medical professionals into human trafficking situations in over 50 […]

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4 Key Facts About Hunger in Uganda

The landlocked country of Uganda is located in East Africa. Poised to be a significant oil-producing country, Uganda has an estimated 6.5 billion barrels worth of oil reserves in its territory. Nevertheless, Uganda remains a lower-income country. The people of the country have struggled to combat hunger in Uganda even though poverty decreased from 56% […]

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The Fight Against Child Poverty in Australia

Despite ranking as one of the wealthiest and most developed countries in the world, Australia continues to struggle with implementing solutions to nationwide poverty. Specifically, child poverty in Australia has begun an upward trend in the past five years despite overall national economic growth as well as declining unemployment rates. Data from the Australian Council […]

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How IOM is Reducing Human Trafficking in Ghana

Human trafficking is a wicked global business that involves kidnapping people for slavery, forced labor or exploitation, robbing millions of people (largely women and kids) of their homes. Many children experience human trafficking in Ghana. Human Trafficking in Ghana Human trafficking in Ghana is a nationwide affair but is more prominent in the Volta region […]

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Understanding Poverty in Belarus

The Eastern European post-Soviet state of Belarus has had a tumultuous, bumpy ride in the last 30 years. A long-treasured satellite of the Soviet Union for almost the entirety of the 20th century forced the country to adopt massive changes when it broke off from the Soviet Union when it collapsed in 1991. Since then, […]

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The Efforts to Lessen Hunger in Moldova

Since its independence from Russia in 1991, the Republic of Moldova has struggled to maintain economic sovereignty and is one of Europe’s most impoverished countries. As the country is rife with poverty, rampant hunger also affects it. Hunger in Moldova is a result of an array of factors that contribute to the multilayered issues that […]

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Foreign Aid to Battle Poverty in Kiribati

In the central Pacific Ocean there lies several small islands, an independent country, called Kiribati. In all of Oceania, it is the poorest country, however, that does not suggest that it is the weakest one. Poverty in Kiribati is prevalent because copra farmers suffer from low incomes and weak infrastructure due to the country’s remote […]