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Poverty and Terrorism in Africa

On March 22, the Trump administration repeated its assertion that ISIS had been defeated in Syria. For the past two decades, Americans have focused exclusively on the Middle East when it comes to strategic counter-terrorism efforts. Since September 11, the U.S. military has involved itself in the affairs of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and other countries in […]


Poverty in the World: Top Things to Know

According to Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO,“Poverty is about money, but never just about money”. Read further to understand what poverty in the world looks like today.  Understanding Poverty Around the world, 3 billion people have $2 to live on per day. The World Bank defines those people as the ones who live below the poverty […]


Political Instability Affecting Credit Access in Libya

The monetary crisis currently entangling Libyan families has reached unprecedented levels as of late. Credit access in Libya has become a major issue, almost comparable to the ongoing civil war that began in 2014. The only difference is that the latter has somewhat declined whereas the former has become a more rampant issue than ever […]


How the US Benefits From Foreign Aid to Libya

Despite showing movement towards democratic values in 2011, when an armed uprising stripped longtime dictator Mu’ammar al-Qadhafi of his hold on the country, Libya’s civil and political rights regressed back to a state of chaos. The country is currently plagued by feuding regimes, organized criminals and factions of the Islamic State all fighting over power […]


Libyan Social Media: Saving Lives and Informing Citizens

Desperate citizens of Libya, especially in the country’s capital Tripoli, are using Libyan social media in a unique way. The people of Libya send helpful information that might say something like, “red light,” to signal an area where militia is fighting or perhaps even taking people for ransom. The country has been hit with turmoil […]


Oil Infrastructure in Libya: The Key to Rebuilding its Economy

Lacking stability in politics and social structure, Libya is a state susceptible to widespread volatility. Its economy is no exception. Developing infrastructure in Libya is key to rebuilding its economy. Before the 2011 Arab Spring Revolution, Libya exported large quantities of oil to China, Italy, Germany, Spain and Turkey, among other countries. In 2010, Libya […]