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Defeat of ISIS Could Mean Better Healthcare for Libyan Citizens

The United States declared it carried out a series of airstrikes on the Libyan city of Sirte, an ISIS stronghold, at the request of the Libyan government in August 2016. The strikes came after nearly two years of concentrated efforts by the U.S. and Libyan governments to remove ISIS from Sirte; a strategically important city […]


10 Facts About Refugees in Libya

Hundreds of thousands of refugees have passed through Libya on their journey toward Europe, where they cross a short distance over the sea from Libya into Lampedusa, Italy. These refugees in Libya face grave danger from Libya’s Islamic State militant group and from human traffickers. The Libyan government must take the steps necessary to protect […]


Poverty In Egypt: Far From Fixed

Poverty in Egypt is on the rise. Even before the events of 2011, the 2008 international economic slowdown dramatically decreased the growth and employment rates in Egypt. Soaring food prices from inflation worsened the situation, and growing disparities between rural and urban populations proved as much a cause for concern as steadily climbing poverty rates. Poverty Growth in Egypt Once […]


Poverty and Crime Linked

“Poverty is the parent of crime,” wrote Aristotle. The philosopher’s words have echoed for thousands of years and it is hard to deny that the two are not intrinsically linked. But recent studies have ripped the statement into an open debate and the genealogy has been brought into question. The most pertinent study was conducted […]


UNHCR Aids Western Libya

Over the past few weeks, what started as a confrontation between militias in Libya, has slowly escalated to a point that concerns various countries: that Libya will deteriorate and become a full-fledged failed state. As a result, for the first time, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has sent aid to those in Western Libya. The UNHCR has […]


UN Concerned About Refugees in Libya

As the security situation quickly deteriorates in Libya, the United Nations says it is very concerned about the safety of asylum-seekers and refugees in Libya who are stranded in areas under heavy fighting. U.N. Refugee Agency spokesperson Ariane Rummery said UNHCR is receiving calls from the mostly Palestinian and Syrian refugees in Libya who need […]


Libyan Detention Centers Accused of Torture

Flagellation, beating and electric shock are among the injustices migrants and refugees have allegedly suffered in several Libyan detention centers, according to testimonies gathered in a Human Rights Watch investigation carried out in April. These detention centers, which are operated by the Libyan government, are home to as many as 6,000 people, most of whom […]


Poverty Reduction Can Take Many Paths

With a need as immense as reducing global poverty, there are many different ways one can choose to affect change and inspire others to get involved. Poverty reduction can take many paths and many methods can be employed in the fight. One compelling and effective approach is the use of documentary film as a means […]