How the US Benefits from Foreign Aid to the Maldives

U.S. benefits from foreign aid to the Maldives
The U.S. established diplomatic relations with the Maldives when the country became independent in 1966. The Maldives and the U.S. have preserved a positive alliance while working together to assist the Maldives in correcting their social and ecological complications. The U.S. benefits from foreign aid to the Maldives, and both countries see beneficial developments while providing aid to other nations.

The Fulbright Program

In 2005, the U.S. partnered with the Maldives to begin The Fulbright Program through the U.S. Embassy. The program supports and assists educational networks that increase understanding and communication between the two countries. According to the U.S. Embassy of Maldives, The Fulbright Program has enhanced the lives of over 225,000 men and women, bringing some of Maldives’ most intelligent minds to academic grounds in the U.S. The program helps the students learn about the society and values of the U.S.

Providing Maldivian students the chance to explore the U.S. through grants and support boosts the economy in the U.S. by guiding and training future entrepreneurs. The U.S. benefits from foreign aid to the Maldives and from this program because it brings in millions of dollars to communities throughout the nation.

Women Empowerment

The U.S. Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs is giving women of other countries a voice to be heard in the U.S. The Women’s Empowerment Program allows women to address global challenges through sports, art, education, government and STEM. Because of the Fulbright Program, women from around the world have been allowed to share their stories nationally and internationally.


The Maldives and the U.S. signed a trade and investment agreement that provides a framework to study ways to boost bilateral trade and investment. The Maldives is allocated as a beneficiary country under the Generalized System of Preferences Program, meaning certain products the Maldives might export are eligible for duty-free entry into the U.S. This helps boost profits for the Maldives and the U.S., as trade is a large means of income for almost any country. This program is helping to boost the U.S. benefits from foreign aid to the Maldives.

Business Investments

By forming an alliance with the Maldives, U.S. companies have benefited. Maldives provides contingency for U.S. business through tourism, construction and export-oriented manufactured products. This brings jobs and economic growth to the country of Maldives while also supporting U.S. enterprises on an international level. The U.S. Embassy in the Maldives provides access and assistance to help U.S.-established businesses export and grow their markets into the Maldives.

Environmental Sustainability

More recently, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Maldives have partnered up to help fight climate change that has been affecting the islands for years. Because of rising sea levels, Maldives is fighting for their land in fear that their beautiful country may drown beneath the sea. USAID prepared 650 marine biologists between 2014 and 2016 to observe marine biodiversity. USAID is also aiding the Maldives in building a desalination and rainwater system, which will provide access to clean drinking water for its citizens. By helping the Maldives fight against climate change, the U.S. and the Maldives are giving hope in restoring environmental sustainability.

The U.S. and the Maldives have an exceptional relationship, and U.S. benefits from foreign aid to the Maldives help preserve and bolster the relationship between the two countries.

– Rebecca Lee

Photo: Flickr