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Ben & Jerry’s Aid SeriousFun Children’s Network

SeriousFun Children’s NetworkOn the November 1, 2017 viewing of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon revealed The Tonight Show’s limited edition Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Marshmallow Moon. Just like that of Tonight Dough, Fallon’s ever-popular permanent flavor, all proceeds of Marshmallow Moon benefit the SeriousFun Children’s Network.

This global charity community of 30 camps and programs serves children with serious illnesses, such as cancer, blood disorders, neurological disorders, cardiac disorders, genetic disorders and HIV.

Ben & Jerry’s Marshmallow Moon flavor itself is made up of vanilla ice cream with marshmallow and graham cracker swirls and fudge flakes. The delicious dessert is not the first of its kind, however, to go toward a philanthropic cause.

The launch of The Tonight Dough, Fallon’s initial flavor, raised over $1 million in support of SeriousFun Children’s Network. Commenting on the notable achievement, SeriousFun CEO Blake Maher was thrilled by the landmark milestone as a result of the relationship with Jimmy Fallon and Ben & Jerry’s. Maher commented, “They are both fantastic partners whose support helps ensure that we can provide transformative camp experiences to children living with many different types of serious illnesses all around the world, totally free of charge.”

SeriousFun Children’s Network is founded on the belief that all kids deserve to experience the joys of childhood, regardless of their health. All of its programs and facilities are specially adapted to meet the medical needs and different cultural backgrounds of campers, and state-of-the-art onsite medical expertise supports more than 50 different medical conditions.

Since being founded in 1988 by Paul Newman, 864,000 children and family members have been served, 132,000 children and family members have experienced camp and 221,000 individuals have contributed as volunteers. Originally based in Ashford, Connecticut, the SeriousFun Children’s network has continually expanded over the years.

The dedicated organization relies entirely on the support of caring donors, who make its mission of extending the SeriousFun experience to more and more children with serious illnesses possible. In 1994, a 500-acre estate in Ireland, courtesy of a generous donation from the government, became the first camp outside of the U.S.

In 2008, Newman’s global vision bloomed with the launch of the Global Partnership Program (GPP), providing culturally applicable programs that excite and empower children around the world.

Ultimately, it is remarkable to see how the buying and selling of a single product can be transformed into a life-changing experience for children around the world. Fallon’s collaboration with Ben & Jerry’s and SeriousFun Children’s Network is fostering the growth of youth, helping them to see beyond their medical limitations and live a life filled with unforgettably fun moments. Marshmellow Moon can be purchased through Ben & Jerry’s online store or at its scoop shops across the country.

Mikaela Frigillana

Photo: Google