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E-Health Point Provides Access in Rural India

E-Health Point is a series of medical units owned by Healthpoint Services India that provide medical care, clean water and medicines to families living in rural regions in India. They specialize in unique concepts and models to improve wellness, productivity and quality of life. E-Health Point also follows a Social Business Enterprise Model that demonstrates democratizing healthcare, social impact, sustainability, growth potential and innovation.

The organization was launched in 2009 with the goal of providing preventative and curative healthcare to people in impoverished communities. E-Health Point operates based on Electronic Medical Records which provide doctors and patients knowledge of proper healthcare and real-time disease surveillance capability. Clinics are initially formed as water services and become clinics over time. As of 2011, there were eight clinics and 16 water stations in India.

E-Health Point works with multiple unique technologies and methods like Broadband and Telemedicine and Point of Care/Mobile diagnostics and combines models used by private and public organizations to pioneer the rural health industry. They have collaborated with organizations such as Bhati AirTel, Athenahealth USA and Procter and Gamble to provide funds and resources to ensure physicians and patients give and receive proper medical attention.

E-Health Point treats water for contaminants by using advanced reverse osmosis, a process that uses a semipermeable membrane to remove large particles from drinking water and applied pressure to eliminate chemicals. Reverse osmosis can also remove molecules, ions and bacteria to make water potable.

To democratize the healthcare system in India, E-Health Point provides healthcare to citizens regardless of their gender, caste, social or economic status. They create a social impact by helping residents living in rural regions and semi-urban communities receive access to healthcare especially when the majority of them do not have the funds or resources to obtain it.

E-Health Point was founded by Amit Jain, Dr. Allan Hammond and their team of health and business professionals. With a global and local team, the organization has successfully teamed up with multiple business partners to keep healthcare systems intact in multiple regions in India including Malout, Bathinda and Goniana. The organization hopes to increase its medical coverage to rural regions of Africa and South America.

Julia Hettiger

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Photo: NPR