Alimenta la SolidaridadVenezuela has a convoluted political, economic and social situation. The present humanitarian crisis in Venezuela has placed the country fourth for the largest food crisis in the world. The nonprofit organization Alimenta La Solidaridad (Feed Solidarity) chooses to tackle this issue head-on.

The Situation in Venezuela

According to the World Food Programme, one in every three Venezuelans requires food assistance. Venezuela’s deteriorating situation has decreased household access to food as well as the purchasing power of the people. In 2019, an estimated 2.3 million Venezuelans suffered from food insecurity and approximately 9.3 million required immediate food assistance.

The current food dilemma is expected to worsen due to the current economic crisis. Already, the plight has increased childhood malnutrition and starvation. Children in Venezuela rarely obtain vital nutrients for proper growth and adequate cognitive development.

A Nonprofit to the Rescue

Alimenta La Solidaridad was determined to combat the rampant food insecurity in Venezuela. Since 2016, it has provided more than 7 million meals to Venezuelan children in need. The program started mainly in Distrito Capital, the capital’s state, but it has gradually expanded nationwide. It now operates in 14 additional states, has a total of 188 dining rooms across the national territory and gives food assistance to more than 14,000 children.

The nonprofit recognizes the necessity to contribute its part to society. Alimenta La Solidaridad aims to find sustainable solutions to the food-related challenges that plague many low-income Venezuelan families. This organization works exhaustively to soften the effect of the nutritional deficiencies that many children in this program endure.

How Alimenta La Solidaridad Works

Alimenta La Solidaridad operates through donors with the help of mothers and fathers from the communities. The nonprofit gathers people willing to share their homes to provide the space for community kitchens. Volunteers cook, organize the children, clean and manage the daily operations of this effort. The organization is “more than a plate of food.” When people with Alimenta La Solidaridad get together, they create a place of transformation. Sometimes, they create activities that turn into opportunities for the development and empowerment of children. Mothers in the program also receive growth opportunities.

Alimenta La Solidaridad provides training courses that will empower mothers. The new skills are then put right back into the organization. These mothers often end up taking on one of the most important roles within the organization. They do not only make the initiative possible but they also teach the children to grow in the values of co-responsibility, involvement and service.

Alimenta La Solidaridad aids the outside communities as well. The initiative contributes to the reduction of criminal indexes within the surrounding areas. Further, the organization promotes community organizations and volunteer work. The organization utilizes these avenues of aid as a way to fulfill its mission of providing daily meals to children suffering from food insecurity in Venezuela.

Hope for the Fight

Despite the dire reality in Venezuela, many organizations across the nation are trying to find ways to help. Alimenta La Solidaridad is the perfect example of an organization that managed to provide aid despite bleak circumstances. The nonprofit’s dedication and goodwill have led to a model based on responsibility and empowerment. This method boosts the sense of involvement and level of voluntary service within Venezuelan communities in need. Food insecurity has met its match with the hopeful spirit of the resilient Venezuelan people.

Isabella León Graticola
Photo: Flickr