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5 of the Most Common Diseases in Aruba

Aruba is a 70 square mile island situated in the southern Caribbean Sea. A frequent travel destination for vacationers, Aruba is known for its blue waters, white sands and diverse culture. However, aside from its beautiful beaches, Aruba is also home to many infectious diseases. Here are 5 of the most common diseases in Aruba.

5 of the Most Common Diseases in Aruba

1. Zika

Although Zika is not a prevalent disease in Aruba, there have been a few cases and “public health officials have reported that mosquitoes in Aruba are infected with Zika virus and are spreading it to people.”

Zika could potentially become one of the most common diseases in Aruba because of the island’s mosquito population. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that there is no medicine or vaccine to prevent Zika, so the easiest way to avoid getting the disease is by using precautions to prevent mosquito bites.

2. Hepatitis A and E

Travelers to Aruba are encouraged to receive vaccinations for both Hepatitis A and E. These similar diseases are mostly spread through the intake of unclean food or water. Hepatitis A and E are serious diseases that “interfere with the functioning of the liver” and can be a burden to the body for up to a year.

3. Circulatory diseases

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) stated that “diseases of the circulatory system are the leading cause of death in Aruba.” Ailments such as ischemic heart disease and stroke were the top sources of mortality and relatively common diseases in Aruba.

4. Diarrhea

“Travelers’ diarrhea is the most common travel-related ailment” according to Red Planet Travel. Caused by consumption of impure food or water, diarrhea can also be associated with nausea, vomiting and fever. To prevent diarrhea, travelers and locals are advised to stay away from eating raw or unpeeled foods and unpasteurized milk or dairy.

Doctors and health professionals recommend bringing an antibiotic to cure diarrhea if it does occur while traveling.

5. Diabetes

The PAHO shared in their Aruba health report that “there is a high prevalence of diabetes in Aruba.” This disease may be common for residents of the island but is not infectious or particularly a concern for visitors.

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