An interest in global issues and how those issues are resolved might lead one to ponder the definition and purpose of multilateral organizations. So: what is a multilateral organization? There are many examples of well-known multilateral organizations. Knowing what they are, how they aid global issues and why they’re important can help in giving them the recognition that they deserve.

Multilateral organizations are formed by three or more nations to work on issues that are relevant to each of them. They ensure participation by all in the management of world affairs while ensuring the legitimacy of any relief efforts being implemented. Multilateral organizations also effectively deal with issues that are global priorities by reducing the risk of making overly quick and careless decisions in resolving issues.

Multilateral organizations are able to fund their projects by receiving funding from multiple governments. Requirements for obtaining a job with a multilateral organization typically require previous experience as well as specialized training in relevant fields such as public health, economics, business or social and behavioral sciences.

Knowing the definition of a multilateral organization leads many to wonder which organizations are multilateral. The United Nations International Children’s Education Fund (UNICEF) is one of many multilateral organizations that are widely known today. To operate in the estimated 190 countries that UNICEF does, they work alongside the United Nations and other United Nations agencies in order to protect the rights of children around the world.

There are 34 national committees in countries including Australia, Canada and Italy which help improve the health of the world’s children, implement healthcare projects and provide HIV/AIDS education with UNICEF. Those interested in becoming a part of UNICEF’s relief efforts can donate, volunteer, share stories on social media and/or apply for a career with the organization.

For those interested in advocacy, it is important to do research and answer the question: what is a multilateral organization? Multilateral organizations are important in aiding global issues, and UNICEF proves this through their relief efforts for children. There are many other multilateral organizations making a difference by combining forces with similar-minded countries.

Danyel Harrigan

Photo: Flickr