Welcome to The Borgen Project Boot Camp! We don’t make you run at 5:00 AM, but we do expect you to know the cause inside and out. You’re now part of an elite squad that is giving a voice to the world’s voiceless. These steps and the corresponding documents were carefully created to quickly transition new members of The Borgen Project into skilled ambassadors for the world’s poor. From our Board of Directors to our interns, everyone selected to The Borgen Project has started right here. Let your training begin!



1. The New Hires Checklist

This document is your new best friend! It’s going to take you from newbie to ambassador for the world’s poor in a matter of hours.




2. Memorize your “Elevator Pitch”

Be ready to answer the question, “What is The Borgen Project?” Below is our suggestion, but be prepared to simplify for grandma or talk in depth with a nonprofit type.

Sample Response: “We fight global poverty. The Borgen Project is an innovative, national campaign that is working to make poverty a focus of U.S. foreign policy.

You’re Ready!


Helpful Study Material: When you start talking global poverty and international aid, you’re going to hear the same questions and misconceptions over and over. Once you’re armed with the facts and comfortable explaining why it’s in the best interest of the United States to improve conditions for the world’s poor, you’ll find it’s very easy to serve as an advocate for the world’s poor.


How to Answer Global Poverty and Aid Questions
Poverty & National Security
Poverty & the Economy
Poverty & Overpopulation
U.S. Foreign Aid