Top Contributors and Efforts to Aid Orphans in Pakistan

Orphans in Pakistan
Foreign aid is crucial to the well-being of the 4,400,000 orphans in Pakistan who do not have the support of immediate family to assist them with their everyday needs. From a young age, children in Pakistan face multiple challenges from an infant mortality rate of 8.55 percent to lack of everyday resources.

There are several factors that contribute to the issues that orphans in Pakistan face including limited access to resources such as food, education and financial stability. According to SOS Children’s Villages, approximately twenty-five percent of the 193.2 million people living in Pakistan do not meet the poverty line.

However, activists looking to reduce the effects of poverty in Pakistan — as well as assist children with meeting their everyday needs — have organized ways to assist children to locate support.

Foreign Aid

The U.S. Department of State provides information for those who seek to adopt or who plan to travel before finalizing their plans for adoption, and assists orphans in Pakistan as well as children looking for homes across the world. One organization, SOS Children’s Villages, allows people who are interested in sponsoring children to make a monthly donation.

The organization works to provide healthcare, counseling services and education to children who would otherwise have limited access these resources.

Role of USAID

USAID plays an influential role as well, working to create jobs and to support the agricultural industry in Pakistan through the introduction of new crops. According to USAID, the organization has been able to assist more than 1 million households through its agricultural aid efforts.

According to USAID, approximately forty percent of Pakistan’s working population is employed in agricultural industries. By working to support such endeavors, USAID not only helps create new jobs but it is also aids in cultivating industries to boost the economic health of the country overall.

Activism in All Forms

Among the top contributors to foreign aid efforts in Pakistan are the U.S. Government Department of Defense, the World Food Program, the International Rescue Committee and USAID. Although activists from these organizations have different specialties, different aid efforts are needed in this area where orphans do not have access to adequate education, defense or food resources.

Although these organizations support orphans in Pakistan and children in need by providing aid to Pakistan and, in many cases, providing resources directly to children, those who do not have access to the resources from foreign aid are forced to find alternate ways to support themselves.

Efforts to Aid Orphans in Pakistan

This issue has been going on for many years, and one video from the Associated Press shows some of the kinds of work children have had to do in the past to support themselves.

As Pakistan and the children living there continue to receive aid, however, the effects of poverty will continue to decrease. Aid organizations that have already made a difference will continue working to reduce the struggles orphans face in their everyday routines.

– Gabriella Evans

Photo: Flickr