malala day
Malala Yousafzai’s birthday, July 14, is now nationally known as Malala Day. Malala is a young advocate for young girl’s rights and for education for everyone. It is not only her birthday but it is also a day for all young people to voice their opinions and to stand up for the right of education for everyone.

She is a strong believer in education and did not want to step down just because people in her government were telling her to do so. She wants to be someone influential when she gets older and believes the way to accomplish that is through education. When Malala was shot by the Taliban on her way to school she did not let that stop her from voicing her opinion and getting an education.

Malala is not the only advocate for education in her family, her mother is a school teacher and her father is also leading educational advocate.

A year ago, Malala gave her first speech to an audience that consisted of 500 youth advocates. “One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world,” said Malala last year.

This year Malala encouraged children around the world to help the voiceless be heard. “On my birthday last year, I stood before the United Nations and spoke up for girls’ rights. You stood with me, with letters, messages and photos of support. Thank you,” wrote Malala on her website,

Malala makes sure to stay humble, and although she has been through so much she keeps her head up and does not dwell on her bad experiences. She instead uses her experiences to encourage others to keep on fighting for education. Malala has been recognized throughout the world because of her courage and has been acknowledged through many awards such as the Tipperary International Peace Prize, the Children’s Peace Prize, and being shortlisted for the Nobel Peace Prize.

-Priscilla Rodarte

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Photo: Lakeside Connect