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How to Help People in Paraguay

How to Help People in ParaguayFor years, Paraguay has been one of the poorest countries in South America. The poverty rate in Paraguay is 40 percent. Its population is 6.7 million and many people in Paraguay have no regular income. Water, electricity and housing are very scarce in Paraguay. With all of these issues, people in other countries often wonder how to help people in Paraguay.

Paraguay is a predominantly young nation. Youths make up 35 percent of the population, and a large number are orphans. Because of the lack of parental care, many children resort to robbery or prostitution to stay alive. These children do not get a primary school education, and approximately 210,000 people in Paraguay are illiterate.

Children are forced to do hard labor and some are trafficked to larger cities like Asunción. The children are treated as sex slaves when they are trafficked. Street children are targets for human trafficking because they do not have any family support.

Many organizations are helping those in need. SOS Children’s Villages have been created in different locations to help Paraguayan children. The villages provide day care, education and vocational training. The Project for the People (PPP) was created to help people in Paraguay by providing health and dental care, education and human development. The organization helps implement self-development programs in communities. Project for the People has many opportunities to volunteer and donate to the cause.

Habitat for Humanity have been working since 1998 to help provide support to families with inadequate housing conditions. Out of every 100 families in Paraguay, 43 live in poor housing conditions. In 2016, Habitat for Humanity served 176 families that live in poor housing conditions. Habitat for Humanity has plenty of volunteering opportunities and donations are accepted. Events take place during the year to raise awareness and mobilize volunteers.

The answer to how to help people in Paraguay starts with you. Make a change by volunteering to raise awareness about the issues in Paraguay.

Treasure Shepard

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