How to Help People in MadagascarMadagascar is one of the poorest nations in the world. In fact, 70 percent of the people in Madagascar live below the poverty line, and the country has seen little progress. Those that live in rural Madagascar see poverty rates double that of urban Madagascar, and 80 percent of Madagascar’s population lives in rural areas. However, many discovered how to help people in Madagascar. Here are five organizations that are doing just that.

Water Aid

WaterAid identified that the majority of Malagasy residents do not have access to proper sanitation. Additionally, 11.7 million people in Madagascar lack access to clean water. This resulted in the deaths of nearly 4,000 children each year. To combat this issue, WaterAid installs wells and latrines using different techniques depending on the area. WaterAid also played a role in developing a rice bank system where locals can take loans of rice or money and pay it back slowly over time. This led to the development of small business within the community and reduced the threat of a rice shortage. Donate here to support WaterAid’s mission.

SEED Madagascar

SEED Madagascar works directly with local partners to develop dynamic programs that help people in Madagascar. These programs include health education and school construction. Additionally, SEED Madagascar teaches residents technical skills and conducts environmental preservation research. Many projects are successful in enhancing the lives of thousands of Malagasy locals. Help fund these projects today!

Blue Ventures

Blue Ventures is an organization whose main goal is to make the fishing industry in Madagascar more sustainable. Due to their efforts, the marine environment became more secure, and local fisheries are more efficiently managed. Other focus areas include education, family planning and health services. Support Blue Ventures by becoming a sponsor or a volunteer.

Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger is an organization that works to provide food security to people in almost 50 countries. The group and helps prevent undernourishment. It also collects and distributes data about it. The organization supports food security, emergency relief, sanitation and clean water access. Action Against Hunger reports that in 2016, “18,270 people gained economic self-sufficiency, 15,998 people received nutritional support, and 10,421 people accessed safe water and sanitation” in Madagascar alone. This organization knows how to help people in Madagascar! Assist in making a difference now.

Feedback Madagascar

Feedback Madagascar is a multi-faceted organization that teaches Malagasy residents that health and environmental qualities are interrelated. For example, the organization aids outhouse construction, gardening, community nutrition training and promoting the sale of contraceptives and “water-treatment products.” Take part in something bigger than yourself!

Organizations that learned how to help people in Madagascar are indispensable. Lives are changed and hope is imparted in the hearts of hundreds of Malagasy residents who may not have survived without assistance. With a little help from others, every person in Madagascar has the ability to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Emma Tennyson

Photo: Flickr