How to Help People in EgyptEgypt has had issues for many years that cause the country to be undeveloped. Some of these issues have to do with the political instability, the poverty rate and the recent refugee crisis. With all of these issues there are multiple organizations work to provide aid for those in need in Egypt. Here is how to help people in Egypt.

There are a few issues that impact Egypt’s people today. Political instability is one of these issues. These political issues cause an inequality in the economy and lack of opportunities. There is a concentration on tourism as a source of income for the county in the Sinai region. However, there are not many working opportunities for other areas.

This causes another issue of widespread poverty. According to recent national statistics, 25 percent of the 82 million people are poor, and 30 percent of the population is illiterate. People in rural areas are affected the most, as there are less opportunities for work.

Most recently, the issue of the refugee crisis has been affecting Egypt’s people. With so many people in poverty already, the added number of people without homes and jobs is an added strain on the country’s economy. Refugee children, similar to impoverished Egyptian children, are not able to get the proper schooling and often remain illiterate.

There are many different ways to help people in need in developing countries; here is how to help people in Egypt. A great way to spread impact to people in need is through organizations such as CARE and Save the Children. CARE promotes education, resource management, government engagement and protects vulnerable groups including women and refugees. Save the Children focuses on young generation and promotes children’s good health and nourishment.

By supporting organizations such as these people in Egypt can get the help they need in order to decrease poverty levels, have their voices heard in the government and eventually lessen the economic gap.

Deanna Wetmore

Photo: Flickr