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5 Things to Know About #RaiseYourHand Campaign

#raiseyourhandA partnership between the jewelry and luxury goods brand Bulgari and the nonprofit Save the Children has led to a new philanthropic campaign entitled #RaiseYourHand. Together, these groups are working to aid children around the world who are affected by marginalization, natural disasters, war, disability and poverty. Here are the five things to know about #RaiseYourHand campaign:

  1. Bulgari has released a bracelet specifically created for Save the Children’s #RaiseYourHand campaign. The beautiful, sterling silver and black ceramic piece is available at some major retailers as well as on the Bulgari website and in Bulgari stores. $100 of each bracelet purchase goes straight to Save the Children making it a beautiful way to showcase your passion for the cause.
  2. #RaiseYourHand is more than just a catchy hashtag. In fact, Fabrizio Ferri, the campaign’s Creative Director, explained the meaning behind the campaign title, saying, “We raise our hand to signal our presence, our interest, our attention, our participation. To signal that we do not hide, that we have no fear, that we believe we have an answer. Raising our hand while wearing the ring or the bracelet symbolizes our support for Bulgari’s effort to raise funds for Save the Children.” The Instagram hashtag is a stream of celebrities and do-gooders from the fashion industry holding a hand up in support of children in need.
  3. The supporters of #RaiseYourHand include actresses Meg Ryan and Naomi Watts, models like Tali Lennox, Lily Aldrige, Helena Christensen and many others. Plenty of well-known faces have already taken initiative and gotten involved in a campaign that has done and will continue doing good for vulnerable populations in the world.
  4. This is not the first time Bulgari and Save the Children have worked together. In fact, they have been working together since 2009. This partnership has been extremely beneficial in raising funds for Save the Children programs, it has also led to more global visibility for the Save the Children organization.
  5. Already the partnership between Bulgari and Save the Children has been wildly successful. The sales of the custom-designed Bulgari pieces have helped raise $50 million for Save the Children. Said donations have impacted one million people spanning 33 countries on five different continents.

This partnership has already proven itself capable of doing massive amounts of good in the world. The CEO of Bulgari, Jean-Christophe Babin, spoke up about the work Bulgari and Save the Children do together, saying, “Bettering the world is a quality inborn in Bulgari’s company culture. We are proud to partner with Save the Children to do our part in making a better tomorrow.”

Jordan Little
Photo: Forbes