5 Facts About China During COVID-19

China during COVID-19Amid a global pandemic, every nation is doing what it determines best to eradicate the COVID-19 virus. As of June 18, China reported 28 active cases and 0 fatalities. China even brings in people that have been exposed or too close contact. It released 153 people from exposure observation. While nations have methods that differ from one another, China is minimizing the number of cases substantially. These are five facts about China during COVID-19.

5 Facts China During COVID-19: Early Months

  1. China shut down its major operations by late December. The government worked to contain the spread of the virus by closing public transportation and non-essential businesses. Officials took to disinfecting the streets and testing at every facility. However, by February, the hospitals still became overloaded with COVID-19 virus patients.
  2. Hospitals organized a counseling hotline for citizens to call and locate beds in hospitals that were available. The volunteers that run the hotline then record the information and keep active track of open beds in local hospitals to ensure no bed was going unused. The quicker they can locate open beds, the sooner hospitals can care for patients. The hotline also offered counseling services.
  3. As of June 17, there was a full sweep testing spree to determine any straggling cases. There were 91 confirmed imported cases, all non-severe. On top of this, there were 265 confirmed cases among 31 different provinces. Nine of those cases were severe. Hospitals were able to discharge 78,394, considering them cured. The governments had traced and contacted 754,966 people who had been in close contact with someone with COVID-19. Because of China’s vigilant virus tracing, each region is caring for its sick as needed and 5,220 of those traced are under observation.
  4. In Beijing, in May, for the first time since December students are back to in-person learning with the guidelines in place to accommodate social distancing and facial protection masks. Schools are placing the students’ desks three feet apart. Both instructors and students are wearing masks.
  5. Tourist sites are reopening, but they are limiting attendance. Shanghai Disneyland opened in May. After being on lockdown since December, Hubei has contained the virus after five months. The province has gone one month with no new cases. Every case has been reported and everyone has been tested and under observation. Any Chinese national traveling outside of China must go into isolated quarantine for 14 days after arriving home. This gives them the ability to travel safely without being restricted to lockdown any further.

Success So Far

China has taken exceptional measures to eradicate the COVID-19 virus and prevent any further spread. So far, it has been able to slowly reopen during COVID-19 and still keeping the case numbers to a dwindling minimum. China is determining how to maintain social activities while keeping citizens safe. These five facts about China during COVID-19 show that good safety practices and diligence may be key to reopening during the virus. Hopefully, this practice will continue to keep the numbers of patients down. Clearly, citizens and officials alike are taking these measures and precautions seriously.

Kim Elsey

Photo: Gauthier DELECROIX