UN Honors Victories in Combating Poverty

UN Honors Victories in Combating Poverty

In 1990, Thailand had a poverty rate of 27 percent. That means more than one of every four citizens suffered from hunger and oppression.

Thailand is now one of 38 countries honored by the United Nations at a ceremony in Rome Wednesday. The celebration? All 38 of these countries have cut their nation’s hunger in half.

This is a significant improvement in meeting the United Nations Millennium Development goals, which plan to eradicate global poverty by 2015. The 8 major goals are listed below:

1.    Eradicate extreme hunger

2.    Universal Education

3.    Gender Equality

4.    Reduction of Child Mortality

5.    Maternal health improvement

6.    HIV/ AIDS/ Disease reduction

7.    Environment sustainability

8.    Global Development

The United Nations set deadlines countries must meet as they work to achieve these eight goals. Halving national hunger is an approaching deadline.

Countries shared different goals of having either the proportion of their hunger levels cut in half or the exact hunger levels cut in half. Notable nations that achieved set goals include Brazil, Chile, Vietnam and Nigeria.

UN Food and Agriculture Organization Director-General Graziano da Silva said that this success stems from the commitment of each nation to ending world hunger and poverty. This commitment has resulted in many achievements in combating poverty.

“FAO is proud to work with all our member nations, developed and developing, to reach our common vision of a hunger-free and sustainable world,” Graziano da Silva said.

 William Norris

Sources: Ecumenical News, United Nations Development Programme
Photo: Ecumenical News