The Top 4 Foreign Aid Blogs

Top Foreign Aid Blogs
Foreign aid is the giving of money, food and various supplies from one country to another, usually for the purpose of bettering a nation’s well being. Foreign aid is often provided by countries as a peace-seeking measure, and it can be enacted to promote order and security. For everyday citizens, it can be hard to stay up to date on all the foreign aid developments happening around the world. Below is a list of some of the top foreign aid blogs that can help you stay informed on who is helping who, and who might need help soon.

Center for Global Development

The Center for Global Development is a U.S. nonprofit that specializes in covering international development and foreign aid. Its website is home to a blog with nearly two dozen categories ranging from global finance and investment to aid effectiveness.

With its inception back in 2002, this blog is a great resource for gaining well-judged and well-researched analyses of various world affairs. The use of expert opinion and exceptional journalistic inquiry furthers the site’s credibility, and it does an exemplary job of focusing on the topic at hand and using resources to educate the public.

Gates Notes

Gates Notes, the blog of Bill Gates, is a great resource for staying up to date within the scope of global affairs. Gates Notes has articles on nearly every world topic – from travel to foreign aid to success stories of international development.

This blog is also resourceful if you are looking for subcategories of foreign aid news. For example, the Saving Lives section of the blog looks into specific global issues. In the section, Gates recently wrote an article on five international and domestic heroes who are doing exemplary humanitarian work regarding poverty, hunger and disease.

If you are looking for a place to absorb the good and uplifting news of the world, Gates Notes is a great resource for doing so – it’s certainly one of the top foreign aid blogs out there.

Global Voices

Global Voices is an international community of writers and activists. They work to verify and translate various media stories in circulation and provide readers with an unadulterated version of what’s really happening in the world.

This nonprofit is primarily volunteer-based. One of its main goals in reporting is to rise above the censorship that often conceals the truth behind news stories about marginalized communities. Instead, its goal is simply to educate. Global Voices is one of the top foreign aid blogs for those wanting the truth about the variety of injustices that never reach the main western media outlets.


While ForeignAssistance.gov may not follow the typical blog format, it is still an essential resource for staying tuned in to U.S. foreign assistance spending. ForeignAssistance.gov is great for receiving just the logistics as its website is mostly data-based rather than analysis-based. 

However, ForeignAssistance.gov is essential when you want to know what the U.S. government is up to internationally, as these interactions are often not covered in the media given the plethora of other domestic topics needing covering.  

The four resources listed above are some of the most reliable information centers for staying up to date on what goes on inside the world of foreign aid. The concept of intercontinental help and support can be hard to follow when you’re not on the inside, so be sure to check up on these top foreign aid blogs regularly so you can stay current on who is getting help, and more importantly, who is still in need of assistance.  

– Alexandra Dennis

Photo: Flickr