Top Five Projects for GlobalGiving

global giving
GlobalGiving is a charity fundraising website that has helped nonprofits and social entrepreneurs organize donors and raise money to improve their communities.

Since 2002, GlobalGiving has raised over $164 million to support around 11,000 projects, fulfilling their mission to catalyze a global market for ideas, information and money that democratizes aid and philanthropy.

GlobalGiving allows people to choose where they want their money to go, enabling funds to support any creative idea that might never have been funded through traditional approaches.

Here are the most popular projects:

1. “Send 8 Children to High School – Kibera, Kenya

This project will provide one year of scholarship support for eight children (three girls, five boys) from Kibera to attend secondary school. Scholarships will cover school fees and supplies. In a country where only half of school-age children are enrolled in secondary school  and rates are even lower in Kibera where the population lives on less than $2 per day and few secondary schools exist in the community  support will give children an opportunity to achieve a unique goal.

2. “Help Baltimore Youth Achieve Their Business Dreams

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship’s students come alive when they have the chance to develop the mindset of an entrepreneur. NFTE Baltimore will use these funds to launch its program in a new classroom next year, bringing entrepreneurship education to 30 additional local youth in underserved communities.

3. “Christmas Gift – Donate For An Animal

Even though the holidays are over, you can still make a donation to an orphaned wild animal on behalf of a loved one. With DAKTARI, you can choose the animal you want to spoil. This cherished animal will send you a personalized thank you photo, a certificate, and for more than $500 donated, a video.

4. “Provide New Clothes For Unfortunate Children

This micro-project provides new dresses to underprivileged children. 40 abandoned orphan children between 5 to 15 years old can benefit from just two pairs of new dresses donated to them, helping them feel confident and more independent.

5. “Fund Vania’s Journey From A Shelter To Success

Vania is extremely vulnerable to the pressures of trying to help raise her little sister who lives with her in a shelter. Vania also feels the pressures of knowing that her mother and brothers are living in Santa Cruz under difficult circumstances. There is no room or money to be part of her mother’s home. Next year, Vania will be homeless when she turns 18 because the shelter cannot house adults. Vania has a dream to live a better life for her and her family, but needs your help. This micro-project will help supply her living expenses.

In addition, each project states the issue at hand and how the project will help solve that issue with a potential long-term impact. Funding information is also included.

Chelsee Yee

Sources: Global Giving, Fundraising UK
Photo: 3BL Media