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Top 5 Charities Operating in Iraq

Charities in IraqIraq has faced economic devastation, political corruption and violent conflicts for more than two decades. With more than 1 million displaced Iraqis, the country is in desperate need of support. Here are the top 5 charities operating in Iraq.

Top 5 Charities Operating in Iraq

  1. Save the Children: Since 1991, Save the Children has been a prominent nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting displaced children and families in Iraq. Their child protection programs have played a pivotal role in safeguarding and rehabilitating Iraqi children. Over 337,000 children facing perilous circumstances have benefited from their efforts, which include enhancing water supply, training educators and providing crucial psychosocial support.
  2. Caritas Iraq: Also known as the Brotherhood of Charities, Caritas provides food aid to the underprivileged in Iraq. The organization maintains social centers that offer medical care and food assistance to disadvantaged families. Since the ISIS attacks in 2014, it has helped nearly 400,000 Iraqis cope with hardships. Caritas currently provides more than 5,000 families monthly with psychological and social programs to support them through war trauma and displacement.
  3. Iraqi Children Foundation: The Iraq war and occupation by ISIS have had devastating consequences, especially for Iraqi children. Charities like the Iraqi Children Foundation focus on their well-being, particularly those who have endured abuse, neglect and exploitation. Through impactful programs like Hope Buses, medical care and social services, the foundation collaborates with trusted partners to provide immediate support and valuable mentorship. By 2021, it had helped and protected thousands of vulnerable children in poverty-ridden neighborhoods in Baghdad.
  4. Free Yezidi Foundation: After the Yezidi genocide in 2014, the Free Yezidi Foundation (FYF) emerged as a nonprofit organization dedicated to uplifting and assisting the Yezidi community. It empowers women to assume leadership roles, facilitate trauma healing and aid survivors in applying for reparations. Their commitment has provided invaluable support and resources to the Yezidi community on the path to recovery and empowerment.
  5. MADRE: MADRE is an international women’s rights organization that protects and empowers women facing threats from fundamentalist forces. MADRE supports women who have experienced abuse and terror through safety shelters and advocacy campaigns. It nurtures and empowers women, enabling them to assume leadership positions and contribute to shaping a world where marginalized women have a voice in policy and decision-making.

One Step at a Time

Despite the challenges, nonprofit organizations are making a tangible difference in Iraq. While eradicating poverty takes time, the collective efforts of these five charities are advancing the journey toward a brighter future for Iraqi citizens. The lasting effects of the war necessitate dedicated individuals committed to making a difference in the livelihoods of poverty-stricken communities in Iraq.

– Dunia Matta
Photo: Flickr