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PYXERA Global Fights World Challenges

Formerly CDC Development Solutions, PYXERA Global seeks to engage the public, private and social sectors in partnerships that can utilize each sector’s strength to face global challenges.

Although not officially named PYXERA Global until 2013, the organization was founded in 1990 as Citizen Democracy Corps to help the former states of the Soviet Union become strong and free societies following the collapse of communism. Since then, multiple programs to help eliminate challenges worldwide have been created within the organization, such as the Corporate Assistance Program, the Citizens Volunteer Program, the MBA Enterprise Corps and MBAs Without Borders.

The name PYXERA Global is meant to embody the work that the organization does: pyxis means navigator while terra means ground.

PYXERA Global has helped facilitate programs such as IBM’s International Corporate Volunteerism, the Corporate Service Corps, the Dow Chemical Company’s Sustainability Corps and the Richard T. Clark Fellowships for the World Health Program.

PYXERA Global also has two sub-sections: Global Pro Bono and Enterprise and Community Development. On the PYXERA Global website, Global Pro Bono is described as “leverag[ing] the professional expertise of talented individuals as a win-win approach that builds capacity at the local level while meeting the strategic goals of our corporate partners.”

The programs encompassed in Global Pro Bono include International Corporate Volunteerism and MBAs Without Borders. According to the website, Enterprise and Community Development Programs include “bring[ing] together diverse partners and leverag[ing] their abilities, interests, and resources to achieve sustainable development outcomes by enhancing the inherent capabilities of local communities.” Enterprise and Community Development Programs include Integrated Community Development programs and Local Content Development.

In addition, PYXERA Global also has the U.S. Center for Citizen Diplomacy, which helps people form bonds despite their geographical distance or cultural backgrounds.

By helping unite resources around the world, PYXERA Global seeks to continue their 14-year tradition of eliminating global challenges.

– Lily Tyson

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Photo: ICV Online