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Pressure on Developed Nations to Contribute More Aid

Leaders have begun to discuss what will replace the Millennium Development Goals once they reach expiration in 2015. Mukhisa Kituyi, the new secretary general of UNCTAD, the UN Trade and Development body, stated that aid-flows from wealthy nations were drying up and that developing economies must contribute more in order to assist the poorer nations.

Kituyi, who took office last month, urged Brazil, China, and other emerging economies to take responsibility for the fight against extreme poverty. “From Brazil to China, while they have shown a willingness to invest in economic infrastructure – the construction of roads, railways, and ports – that capacity should also extend to the construction of social infrastructure,” he said.

There has been constant pressure on developed nations to contribute more aid in both reaching the Millennium Development Goals and ending extreme poverty; however, Kituyi’s call for action represents one of the rare voices asking the developing nations to pay tribute as well.

UNCTAD, which was formed in 1964, is seen as the intellectual counterweight to the World Bank and the IMF, urging even more liberalized trade and deregulated finance. However, in recent years, some of the organization’s staff members are increasingly concerned about Unctad’s future. Kituyi claims that he is determined to boost the organization’s reputation, and is especially concerned in taking part in the formation of what follows the Millennium Development Goals.

– Sonia Aviv

Sources: The Guardian, International Development News, News 168
Photo: The Habari Network