Pact: Keeping the Promise of a Better Tomorrow

For the last 42 years, Pact has made it their mission to help millions of people who are living in poverty, and they give them the chance to come up with solutions and live a better life. This value-based organization takes three core values that are vital to a community and use them to benefit others. Pact is built on partnerships, local solutions, results and promises that can be kept.

Keeping the promise of a better tomorrow builds trust in Pact, and that trust is the foundation for changing lives. Through systematic solutions, Pact gives the poor the chance to earn a living, be healthy and utilize the resources that nature provides. There are three ways that Pact goes about achieving these solutions for the poor: strengthening local capacity, forging effective governance systems and transforming markets.

Capacity development at Pact is achieved by working with local organizations or networks in developing countries that change and bring forth leaders in their own community. This is critical in not only reaching local solutions but also in defining the meaning of Pact. This is a huge part of what the company does.

“Capacity development is really like life-long learning because … the skills that we’re building and the opportunities we are giving right now are not just the opportunities today and in three, four, five years’ time when we are no longer working with these organizations they will still be able to plan,” said Matt Reeves, Global Director.

Governance is another way that Pact works and gives people who may not have the educational tools the right to use their voices and let their voices be heard. Pact is able to connect people with their public servants and also work directly with host government officials. Governance gives Pact and the community the ability to make sure that government is not just done to the people, but that it is on behalf of the people.

The last thing that Pact changes for communities is their markets. Giving the people a strong market where they can sell and receive local products and strengthen supply channels will help by ensuring a stable income and future for the people.

– Brooke Smith

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