One Direction Starting a Trend of Giving

“I’ve seen the slums right in front of me! This is no joke! They really need your help! Poverty is real!” -Niall Horan, One Direction

Young Hollywood stars seem to be taking on a more active role when it comes to standing up for the world’s poor. One Direction band members spent time volunteering in Accra, Ghana expressing support for Comic Relief’s red nose day. The 1D members were very moved by the sights they had seen while on the trip. Harry Styles and Liam Payne were brought to tears while visiting with children in an emergency room.

The children were suffering from undernourishment and diarrhea. Sadly, many of these aliments can be prevented with proper vaccinations and care. Other band mate, Zayn Malik, is quoted saying “We all waste money on stupid things but surely the most important thing we can spend a few pounds on is protecting children from these preventable illnesses.” Also, singer and song writer Katy Perry took a four day trip to Madagascar.

Perry spent time playing with children, becoming educated on the scarcity of water, and listening to the stories of women and children who have been exposed to violence. Perry states, “In less than one week here in Madagascar, I went from crowded city slums to the most remote villages – and my eyes were widely opened.” Perry also learned that for every two children in the country, one is suffering from chronic malnutrition.

Lastly, singer Demi Lovato spent her 21st birthday volunteering in Africa. Demi, states, “With 21 being a milestone birthday, I wanted a memorable and meaningful way to celebrate, rather than throw a big birthday bash.” The trip hosted by Me to We, Free the Children organization, allowed Demi to help build a school in the impoverished village.

These and many other famous pop stars are starting a new trend; a new trend to become more giving with their time and finances. Hopefully this trend stays and spreads to more Hollywood stars. These pop stars are not only trend setters but, role models to young people everywhere. Modeling to fans everywhere that the worlds not just about the latest gadgets or toys. The world is full of poverty and death that can be prevented. This includes children and adults that die by the thousands each day from preventable causes. Acts of giving like the ones mentioned above help people in need. Hopefully many more acts of giving will be created as a result of these pop stars.

– Amy Robinson

Sources: UNICEF, Huffington Post