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How to Help People in Tonga

Help People in Tonga

There are many ways to help people in Tonga thanks to the wide variety of organizations taking action and accepting donations from the public.

Here are a few of the organizations that are making changes and contributing to the well-being of citizens in Tonga.

  1. One of Tonga’s biggest struggles is its high threat for experiencing natural disasters. The Australian Red Cross works with the Tonga Red Cross to help provide relief to disaster victims who live in Tonga.
  2. A Catholic agency in New Zealand by the name of Caritas works with Tonga to help citizens adjust to the effects of climate change. Caritas also supports a Caritas Tonga Climate Change Officer by the name of Amelia Ma’afu, whose area of focus is on the island of Ha’apai. As a Climate Change Officer, her responsibilities include conducting training sessions to raise climate change awareness, researching information to build a plan of action to help citizens deal with climate change and visiting communities to talk to inhabitants and gather data.
  3. The World Bank is not only helping the people in Tonga with the aftermath of former disasters, but it is also working to protect the future of the community. The World Bank has helped Tonga by assisting the government with building cyclone-proofed homes on safer areas of land. Supporting The World Bank is a great way to help people in Tonga.
  4. The Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA) volunteers are helping in Tonga by working to bring more variety in employment and help ensure citizens have a dependable income. Tonga supports itself with agriculture, exporting products such vanilla, kava and coconut. Volunteers through VSA are helping make sure that Tonga’s agricultural department thrives.
  5. The Asian Development Bank/Japan Scholarship Program (JSP), offers scholarships to people in Tonga. This creates opportunities for many young citizens in Tonga – those who are 35 years old or younger, of good health and hold a bachelor’s degree are eligible to apply for these scholarships.

By donating and volunteering with organizations such as these, everyday citizens are able to help people in Tonga, bringing hope and changing lives for the better. Consider taking the time to check into these organizations and make a contribution today.

Noel Mcdavid

Photo: Flickr