Education in Dominica

Education in Dominica
Dominica is a beautiful island with volcanic peaks, hot springs and rain forest canopies. We know a lot about Dominica as a traveling destination, but what do we know about education in Dominica?

Who is Responsible for the Education in Dominica?

The responsibility for primary and secondary education in Dominica falls in the hands of The Ministry of Education and Human Resources, an organization that helps educate and prepare students. Their mission statement is “to educate and prepare all students to live productive lives in a complex and changing society.” The Ministry is dedicated to providing students with support and leadership. The Ministry is also responsible for implementing policies and standards. In addition, they supervise early childhood education.

Other prominent agencies include the Curriculum Unit, the National Documentation Centre Database and the National Library Services. The Curriculum Unit is responsible for maintaining a curriculum framework and handling teaching materials and examination provisions. The National Documentation Centre Database and the National Library Services are in charge of the country’s libraries and archives.

Primary and Secondary Schools

The academic year begins in September and ends in July. The system is structured so that primary school runs from grade one to grade seven and secondary school runs from grade eight to grade 12.

The last two years of secondary school are not free. Therefore, students who wish to attend university must have the money for it or acquire a scholarship. Unfortunately, there aren’t many scholarships available. For this reason, many people are unable to attend school and escape rural poverty through further education.

Higher Education

Higher education in Dominica is divided into three categories: state, external and private.

Dominica State College falls under the state category, as it is a public-funded institution. The State College provides certificates and Associate’s Degrees. It is also beginning to award bachelor’s degrees in nursing.

Under the external category lies the University of the West Indies. The University of the West Indies does not have a campus on the island, but it does have a division. The division provides some first-year studies and full degree programs.

Under the private category lies All Saints University School of Medicine, International University for Graduate Studies, New World University and Ross University School of Medicine. Ross University School provides courses for U.S. citizens. In fact, only five Dominicans are allowed to enroll every year.

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