International Aid Improving Credit Access in The Gambia

Credit Access in The Gambia
Credit access in The Gambia is supported by the efforts of many different financial aid organizations. The credit and financial system as a whole is the focus of organizations such as the International Monetary Fund. Other programs, such as the World Bank, are working on several projects to improve the financial situation of The Gambia overall.

To aid in this goal, the World Bank has recently approved the Integrated Financial Management Information System Project AF2 and the Third Education Project – Additional Financing. The need for financial assistance in The Gambia is widely recognized and is something that these organizations are looking to address.

The International Monetary Fund provides funding to countries it approves for financial assistance based on economic need. According to the organization, 198 countries across the world receive assistance from the International Monetary Fund.

Progress in Credit Access in The Gambia

Credit access in the Gambia, as with credit access in any country, is improved when the country has more economic and financial resources. Not only are people able to take part in an economy that is healthier and more prosperous, but the government is able to put these funds toward credit and has more options as far as what to support or rebuild with the financial assistance that it receives.

There are several banks in The Gambia as well as organizations that provide credit within the country. There are also a number of organizations that allow people to donate to The Gambia that are easily accessible. For example, Aid for Africa lists several organizations that allow donations.

Although not all of the donations listed for The Gambia appear to be directly linked to assisting the country with its credit issues, indirect assistance such as donating to help children get textbooks can take citizens’ focus off of providing for their educational or everyday needs and allow them to focus more on other investments.

Citizens and Travelers’ Access to Personal Funds

Although the financial situation and credit access in The Gambia are still being improved, travelers wishing to access their own credit will not be limited when traveling through the country. According to AccessGambia, there are several banks that provide credit access for travelers visiting The Gambia. Although not all are accessible, those who are traveling can learn about the credit cards that will be most effective. These organizations are available for citizens to use as well.

As organizations continue to improve and support the economy of The Gambia and the financial situations of other countries, the world’s economy will be improved. With more participation in credit organizations and larger markets, people are able to network and access opportunities that they might otherwise not be able to access. It is important to support credit access and finance in other countries because it allows people to be more autonomous, to provide for their basic needs and to pursue personal goals that would otherwise not be available to them. These are all important steps in alleviating poverty, both in The Gambia and around the world.

– Gabriella Evans

Photo: Flickr