What are the Causes of Poverty?

What are the Causes of Poverty
What are the causes of poverty? There are many causes of poverty. The countries with extreme poverty have a lack of access to not only the proper foods, but health services and education as well. These countries also show a lack of inclusion, as many of the world’s poorest people do not receive any representation in the economy or in politics. The lack of education and representation creates an issue of mobility. People in developing countries do not possess the necessary means for maintaining life.

One factor that causes poverty is that many people in developing countries are willing to work, but are not given the chance to do so and therefore remain in poverty. The lack of access to education and the jobs that supply little or no wages continue to make rising from poverty very difficult to achieve. This restricts access to an income to support families and creates a barrier from the economy and other typical daily activities.

The lack of education and training for employment inhibits people living in developing nations from obtaining higher paying occupations. The problem is even greater when health education services are not obtainable. This causes high rates of teenage pregnancy and larger families. The larger the families become, the greater the risk of poverty because of the increased amount of resources needed to take care of the household.

Women are often at higher risk than men to suffer from poverty. Inequality is another cause of poverty as women are more likely to be paid lower wages than men performing the same line of work. Women are also expected to take on child raising and are restricted from seeking employment in these developing countries. This inequality creates a disadvantage for women and also prevents opportunity for more income for the household. Families with only one parent working are more likely to face poverty and they lack the opportunity to provide the proper education to their children.

There are also causes of poverty that cannot be prevented, such as drought and warfare. When drought occurs, families that rely on fruits and vegetables for harvest and income face poverty from this situation. These families can no longer provide for their families. At times, the crops can never be recovered due to lack of funds.

Another major cause of poverty is war, which can strain the economy, create safety issues and also require families to face food rations in some countries. These issues are more difficult to overcome because they can occur suddenly and can cause everlasting effects on the economy.

Alleviating the causes of poverty requires aid from developed nations, not only in the form of money, but also in the form of helping to mobilize access in these areas. Helping the education system in each developing nation can provide a better understanding of health and pregnancy. The proper training can introduce farmers to a better farming technique to survive a weather disaster. Also, a more inclusive economy and government system can bring more opportunity to the people in more rural developing areas. These developing nations can grow from poverty if given the right tools, such as access to education and the ability to participate in an economy to continue to develop and grow in the right directions. Read more about what causes poverty.

– Rachel Cannon

Sources: Global Issues
Photo: Relief Web