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Togo Opens First Data Center in Lomé

In July 2021, the African country of Togo took another step in its efforts of digital transformation and economic progress as it opened Togo’s first data center in the capital city of Lomé. The construction of the data center in Lomé began three years ago and was funded by a loan from the World Bank […]

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Gozem Hopes to be the Biggest Super App in Africa

  Super apps, platforms that provide customers with an array of services from a single app, have become more popular in the last decade. These platforms allow an individual to book everything online by encompassing all activities one wants to accomplish, such as ordering dinner, booking tickets, shopping and even hailing a car. Apart from […]

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How New President Hichilema Will Impact Zambian Poverty

In August 2021, Zambia elected a new president, Hakainde Hichilema, who will replace the incumbent President Edgar Lungu. Based on the results of the August 12 elections, Hichilema will serve as the Republic of Zambia’s seventh president. Previously, President Hilchilema ran five unsuccessful campaigns. However, the election saw a strong turnout among voters between the […]

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4 Facts About Human Trafficking In Ireland

Human trafficking is a global problem. Unfortunately, human trafficking in Ireland worsened in the last few years. The U.S. Department of State ranks countries on a three-tier system when it comes to human trafficking. In 2020, Ireland dropped from Tier 1 to Tier 2 watchlist because the country does not meet the minimum standards. However, […]

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Celebrities Named New Crisis Ambassadors

On July 15, Crisis announced broadcaster Ayo Akinwolere and actress Imelda Staunton, two award-winning stars, became the organization’s newest ambassadors. The two join other popular and well-known Crisis Ambassadors, including Ellie Goulding and Jeremy Paxman, in an effort to raise awareness for the organization. Crisis and Homelessness in the U.K. Crisis is a U.K.-based organization […]

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How Global Dental Relief is Improving Accessibility

Dental insurance operates differently around the world. A lack of proper dental care can result in serious health issues that have lasting impacts. In developing countries, where dental care may not be as accessible, the money to afford treatment may be difficult to obtain. However, Global Dental Relief (GDR) is improving accessibility to dental care. […]

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Compassion: Share Birthday, Sponsor a Child

More than 8 million children living in poverty receive sponsorship from benefactors throughout their childhood. These relationships develop through donations, letters and sometimes visits and volunteering. Once these relationships occur, they often make an insurmountable impact on the child and last a lifetime. One of the ways to build a relationship with and sponsor a […]

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New Chilean Constitution to Reduce Social Inequality

The 2019 sweeping protests in Chile may be leading to radical change in that country by 2022. The protests, which originated in Santiago and spread throughout the country, sought to end the vast social inequality throughout Chile. This led to the government’s October 2020 decision for a referendum to draft a new Chilean constitution. The […]