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10 Organizations Addressing Famine in South Sudan

A couple of weeks ago, the U.N. announced that there is a famine in South Sudan. A number of factors have contributed to this famine, such as the civil war that began in 2013 and a drought that has stymied agricultural production.

According to Newsweek, nearly 5.5 million people will not have a reliable food source by July 2017. This is unacceptable, especially since the world’s wealthiest countries can help save millions of lives. Luckily, there are many organizations working to help the South Sudanese through donations and support from American citizens. Here are 10 organizations that are addressing the famine in South Sudan.

10 Organizations Addressing Famine in South Sudan

  1. The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) supports people in need through “fundraising, advocacy, and education in the United States.” In addition to raising awareness and raising funds, UNICEF designs and executes emergency relief programs, and is currently providing aid to the South Sudanese.
  2. Save the Children is on the ground in South Sudan, providing support to the people fleeing famine and war with healthcare facilities that provide immunizations and care for infections and disease. Save the Children is also supporting malnourished children with health and nutrition programs.
  3. World Vision provides relief from the violence and famine in South Sudan that has been ravaging the country’s population. The organization ensures that essentials like food, shelter and sanitation are available to those who need it.
  4. Water for South Sudan works hard to bring clean water to the rural areas of the country that do not have access. Clean water is not only necessary for sanitation purposes but also to ensure that each person in South Sudan is getting enough water to survive during the harsh famine that has taken over some parts of the country. By drilling holes, fixing infrastructure and constructing roads, its teams are slowly helping the country get water in even the most remote areas of South Sudan.
  5. Sudan Relief Fund goes where the need is by providing immediate relief to those who are undernourished in the wake of the famine in South Sudan. In addition, the organization works on long-term projects that will provide everlasting support in the country, such as hospital construction and education classes. Whether it is building wells, handing out food or raising awareness about proper hygiene and sanitation methods, this organization is putting in the work to help the South Sudanese people.
  6. Oxfam is helping the South Sudanese who have had to flee their homes to escape violence, as well as those who had their agriculture affected by climate change and drought. Oxfam provides food relief, water treatment and health services.
  7. Action Against Hunger has been in South Sudan for more than 20 years, providing support with life-saving relief and education programs. Now, the organization is helping work towards ending the famine in South Sudan by mobilizing emergency response teams, gathering data to identify areas in need and treating thousands of malnourished children.
  8. CARE is currently working in South Sudan in response to the famine and crisis surrounding undernourishment and improper sanitation methods. This organization provides urgent medical and food relief to those who require attention.
  9. International Medical Corps works in Nyal, one of the most affected counties in South Sudan. It provides support through medical services, nutrition services and has established 24-hour emergency relief centers in the area.
  10. Norwegian Refugee Council has been in South Sudan since the country’s independence in 2011. Since then, it has started and continues to support education, nutrition, shelter and medical programs, especially in light of the famine and violence that is ravaging the population.

The sheer number of organizations working to provide aid in the country offers hope in the fight to end the famine in South Sudan. Any of these organizations are worthy of support in whatever form it comes in, such as advocacy, fundraising, donations and volunteering.

Jacqueline Nicole Artz

Photo: Flickr