5 Easy Resolutions to Make a Difference in 2014

5 Easy Resolutions to Make a Difference in 2014
Once again, the end of the year is fast approaching and entertainment media is filled with encouraging epithets for the coming year. Titles like 2014 is Your Year and Achieve Your New Year Weight Loss Resolution headlines grace magazine racks in grocery stores nationwide.

Each year, millions of Americans make superficial promises to themselves from losing weight to paying off college loans. Often, these goals are made with the utmost level of optimism and determination but after several weeks, motivation wans and soon, the dumbbells lie in the corner, forgotten.

But, what if you could achieve every resolution made for the coming year without the expected time commitment or sweat stains? If you are determined to do everything you set your mind to this year then this list is for you. Here are 5 easy resolutions to achieve while give something back in the process.

1. Shop More

The New Year is the perfect time of year to reinvent yourself. Wanting to try a new look but not sure if you want to make the jump? Do it. Clean out the closet and donate to a nearby clothes drive. Just because the holidays are over, does not mean that winter is. Thousands of individuals worldwide are in need of warm clothes.

And remember to say yes when the cashier asks for a donation at the department store.

2. Make Time for Yourself

The long holiday season can make the most organized party planner stressed. Make sure you take time to decompress before returning to the normal 9 to 5 struggle. Relax. Go to the movies. Take a walk. Don’t have the extra time? Make normal activities exciting, even showering. Philosophy’s line of bath products provide the perfect sensory vacation.

The newest addition, To Believe, is a blend of cranberry and currant  — additionally, each purchase goes to whyhunger, an organization committed to ending world hunger.

3. Have a Playdate

Work days can drag on forever. Remember to take small breaks. Stand up and stretch. Take a second to stop by the coffee machine. If you feel confined, don’t be afraid to take your break outside. Still bored? Play a game.

Between iTunes and Google Play, there are thousands of apps and games to occupy your time. Some apps even allow you to donate to a charity, for free.

And the internet is full of great sites like Charitii.com, which allows players to complete crosswords to earn money for a cause.

4. Pack Extra for a Trip

Have a trip coming up in the new year but don’t know what to pack? No worries.

International nonprofit, Pack for a Purpose, tracks children in need around the world. So whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, they will tell you exactly what to toss in your suitcase. A global partner to hotel chains worldwide, donors only have to drop off a suggested item upon check-in.

5. Put Unlimited Texting to Good Use

Due to the overwhelming use of social media, nonprofit organizations have become as tech savvy as global corporations. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and other sites have become standard in marketing practices across the board. Phone companies have also joined the movement, as potential donors can merely text a company in order to make a donation.

In short, making a difference is only as hard or simple as you want it to be. So, challenge yourself to change the world, it may only take one click.

– Jasmine D. Smith

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Photo: Vintage 3D