Truman National Security Project

The Truman National Security Project is a national security leadership institute. They have developed a recruitment and training program to create a new generation of progressives to lead America’s future national security strategy. They hope to implement their objectives through advocacy initiatives, media appearances, and public service in elected and appointed offices. Their program leaders are in place as congressional and presidential advisers, legislation drafters, and advocates for progressive national security policy objectives.

The Truman National Security Project aims to make belligerent unilateralism and isolationism minority fringe positions in the United States policy. They would like to use all available tools to create a stable national security strategy including: development aid, military and allies, our reputation and diplomacy. They project the idea that where there is a great deal of insecurity, the freedoms of economic growth and individual rights cannot coexist. The Truman National Security Project believes the United States has a responsibility to maintain global stability and promote civil and human rights and equality of opportunity and tolerance.

Importantly, the Truman National Security Project has focused on promoting development abroad as a fundamental method of protecting American national security.  Their mission and goals indicate that the protection of American national security requires the US to address state weakness, poverty, corruption, and social breakdown abroad.  The Truman Project projects an agenda of strategic development aid coordinated with trade, diplomacy and military assistance in order to reduce poverty and build international security.

The Truman National Security Project has a large variety of programs focusing on communication methods, leadership tactics and educational programs to teach participants the values and methods of their program. The Truman Project has been praised for its effectiveness- training its participants and preparing them with an incredibly successful skill set and creating instantly useful leaders in the political and diplomatic arenas.

The Truman Project offers many different fellowships, scholarships and internships available to help train and inform progressively minded participants on national security problems, conflicts, solutions, and policy prescriptions.

– Caitlin Zusy
Source Truman Project
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