L’Afrique Excelle Sparks Technological Advancements in Africa

L'Afrique Excelle
It is a common misconception that technological advancements in Africa are far behind the rest of the world. However, African developers are working to modernize the continent with the resources they have available, as well as with the help of large, digital businesses like L’Afrique Excelle. L’Afrique Excelle is a francophone organization that exceeds in aiding entrepreneurs in anglophone and francophone countries, as well as providing support for African countries that are less developed technologically.

The Work of L’Afrique Excelle

L’Afrique Excelle works to encourage its startups to find tech solutions for the African market designed to expand and increase access to services for the general public. Powered by the World Bank, the organization has supported several startups spearheaded by technological entrepreneurs in francophone and anglophone countries in Africa. The organization offers a series of commodities including:
  • access to Capital
  • mentorship
  • XL Academy
  • Mali Residency
  • France Residency
  • exposure

L’Afrique Excelle has supported new startups in raising up to five million dollars in funding from investors. The company has also connected startups with leading investors. Additionally, new startups can receive a one-week all-expenses-paid residency in Bamako and an all-expenses-paid residency to Paris including a showcase at VivaTech. These opportunities help new brands increase visibility and raise awareness.

Striking Benefits of Technological Advancements in Africa

L’Afrique Excelle is not the only organization currently aiding the development of technology in Africa. Digital Africa, a French-based development company, is working to increase investment funds in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and beyond. All of the startup companies that work with Digital Africa will also have the chance to showcase at the Francophone Africa Investor Summit (FAIS), an event that takes place in West Africa for early-stage investors.

The World Bank is helping advance startup companies in African countries that will have widespread benefits. The increase in capital will allow for improved systems of health care, transportation, data analytics and software. These developments will allow African countries to improve not only technologically, but also economically and socially with an overall improvement in infrastructure.

Current Progress and Future Outlook

More than 900 applicants entered the L’Afrique Excelle startup initiative, and the 20 most promising startups involved transportation, health care, education, human resources and B2B. Some of these startups included Aerobotics (data), Electronic Settlement Listed (FinTech), Lynk Jobs Ltd. (human resources), MAX (transportation), Prepclass (education technology) and Ongair (SME services).

These businesses and investors, expanding from Cape Town to Cairo, will be working hard to innovate new and improved ways of solving Africa’s most pressing issues. According to African Law & Business (ALB), some of Africa’s most prominent issues as of 2019 include low access to world-class computing, low rates of developmental finance, governmental corruption, climate change, energy and business. L’Afrique Excelle’s mission to enhance the growth of digital businesses in Africa will help limit these problems and improve the standard living in Africa.

– Sara Devoe
Photo: Pixabay