5 Artists Who Use Their Platform To Speak Out Against Poverty

speak out against poverty
Today’s celebrities have a massive influence on a vast range of people. They are able to sway many people to support specific causes. Major artists around the world are using their platforms to speak out against poverty. Here are five celebrities aiming to alleviate global poverty.

5 Celebrities Aiming to Alleviate Global Poverty

  1. Lauren Daigle: Growing up, Lauren Daigle helped those in need, always believing in the “value of diversity.” She founded The Price Fund Foundation to bring hope and love to all people. This Foundation focuses on providing care to people all over the world through “communal initiatives and outreach.” By partnering with Love Does, a human rights foundation focused on conflict zones, Lauren has contributed to building a school in Goma, a small city in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Located in a conflict zone, it is hard for children in Goma to experience a sense of normalcy. The school will help them gain access to an education that could steer them away from a world of war. Moreover, through her fundraising music video “Hold On To Me,” Lauren sends a message of hope to all struggling people. She also started a fundraiser to raise money for different charities that provide aid for individuals in distress.
  2.  MercyMe: Award-winning Christian Band MercyMe has partnered with Children International to help children build healthy living environments. Children International is an international charity with the goal of bringing an end to poverty. Since its conception in 1936, Children International has established 67 community centers and helped over one million children. Working with the organization has allowed MercyMe to initiate the change they want to see around the world. Bart Millard, the lead singer of MercyMe, said that “Helping people is a core part of our beliefs. We are called to love those around us and give to those in need.”
  3. Amy Grant: Christian music icon, Amy Grant, recently used her platform to speak out against poverty at the International Poverty Forum (IPF). The IPF is an annual event that works to address global poverty. Caring for Others, Inc., a human services organization devoted to providing relief to those in need, ran this event. On March 4th, 2022, Grant brought awareness to the importance of helping others in her speech at the IPF alongside Tim Tebow and Deion Sanders. In addition, Grant has also brought awareness to global poverty through the songs that she has written. In her song, “Third World Women,” Grant “contrasts Western affluence with global poverty.” She emphasizes themes such as the significance of women standing up for women across the globe.
  4. Chris Tomlin and Hillsong United: Two well-known artists joined together in the fall of 2022 to help alleviate global poverty. Both Tomlin and Hillsong united with Premier Productions to raise money for poverty. Through their combined tour and partnership, the artists were able to raise $271 million to help people and communities worldwide. The two artists also joined together in supporting World Vision, an organization dedicated to protecting kids from the world hunger crisis.

Looking Ahead

The celebrities above are just a few voices in the sea of many that can speak out against global poverty. It is important to emphasize that one does not have to be a celebrity to influence people to take action against poverty; every voice matters.

– Madison Stivala
Photo: Flickr