The Borgen Project

The Borgen Project… Seattle NGO

The Borgen Project is one of the leading Seattle NGO’s. The Borgen Project operates at the political level, holding Congress accountable for extreme poverty. Unlike most NGO’s, The Borgen Project doesn’t provide direct aid, but functions as a lobbyist for the world’s poor. The organization pressures members of Congress to support legislation that impacts millions of people.


About NGO’s in Seattle

There are many wonderful NGO’s and NPO’s in Seattle. Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) are a major part of Seattle life. Seattle is home to the Gates Foundation, the philanthropic organization of Bill and Melinda Gates, as well as hundreds of other groups.

The Seattle Foundation is one of the nation’s largest community foundations with nearly $600 million in assets. It is led by a board filled with community leaders in order to maintain the connection with the local population. The NGOs in Seattle are not restricted only to local issues – many of them also focus on global issues.

The Gates Foundation has two global initiatives, the Global Health Program and the Global Development Program. A massive undertaking, the Gates Foundation takes its considerable resources and provides grants and funding for organizations on the ground. Another Seattle NGO, The Borgen Project, is a national organization whose headquarters are located in Seattle. The Borgen Project is committed to ending global poverty by lobbying Congress to support international aid programs and believes the United States has a responsibility to help the rest of the world. The Borgen Project focuses on using technology to gain an upper hand while fighting poverty, as does Vittana, a Seattle-based NGO that uses small loans and microfinance to give those in poverty a chance at achieving an education.

NGOs are crucial players in dealing with issues that many companies view as being too difficult to tackle or unprofitable. An NGO is a company that uses its surplus funds to pursue its goals instead of going to its owner or shareholders. Nonprofits are most effective when they are supported by their local community as well as on a national level. Seattle provides this atmosphere with many informed citizens who care about global and national issues. Nonprofits in Seattle have the support, funding and drive to make a difference, resulting in a potent combination for change.


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