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Renewable Energy: Luxembourg Helps Pave the Way

Renewable Energy in LuxembourgSituated in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg, a nation nestled among three major countries, boasts a rich cultural and historical tapestry woven from the influences of France, Germany and Belgium. Notably, Luxembourg stands as a pioneer in renewable energy initiatives, underscoring its commitment to environmental progress. Despite its modest size, this nation wields significant cultural and environmental influence on the global stage.

The IEA (International Energy Agency) often records and reports on the progress of its member countries, which Luxembourg (a.k.a. The Grand Duchy) is part of. 

The Luxembourg government plans to reach its target of a “50-55% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030” by supporting several projects, including electric cars, wind farms and solar power.

On the Road: Electric Cars

When it comes to progress and advancement with renewable energy in Luxembourg, the country shows potential to pave the way because “…the Grand Duchy (Luxembourg) continues to have one of the densest charging networks in the European Union.” Especially given its geographical position in Western Europe, many travelers need to charge their electric vehicles as they drive through the picturesque landscape of Luxembourg on their way to Belgium, Germany or France. In June 2023, Luxembourg inaugurated its first “SuperChargy” station that will help the public quickly charge their vehicles.  

The “ultra-fast recharging stations” are essential for long-distance travel across Europe, enhancing the efficiency of charging and minimizing disruptions to travelers’ schedules. This extensive network of public charging stations, referred to as “Chargy terminals,” has seen significant growth. In 2022, more than 700 charging stations were deployed throughout Luxembourg, providing convenient access to the public.

Wind Farms and Renewable Energy

According to RTL Today, “Wind energy ranks first among renewable energies in Luxembourg.” In 2023, the expansion of Wind Farms looks to get better as Luxembourg currently has “…62 wind turbines …with 17 currently awaiting approval.” Although the attention and care it takes to operate just a single wind turbine is extensive, just one provides a significant amount of power to the sovereign nation’s regions and towns (on average one onshore wind turbine can produce up to 6 million kWh, which gives power to about 1,500 EU homes). 

Wind turbines “…are becoming increasingly efficient.” Not only are they beautiful to look at, but seeing them pop up from place to place around the Luxembourg landscape is a testament to their importance and efficiency. 

Solar PV

Another way the Grand Duchy is pushing toward renewable energy in Luxembourg is through “photovoltaic panels,” or solar energy as many know it, which converts sunlight into electricity. European renewable energy companies SOCOM (Luxembourgish) and Evocells (Belgian) join forces in the Grand Duchy to progress together. By joining forces, their goal is to produce “100,000 panels… each year in Luxembourg-Hollerich… thus creating more than 20 direct jobs.” And continuing on with that same drive of ambition, “…there are also plans to double the production capacity by 2026.” This is definitely a push for such a small country like Luxembourg, but if their outlook and estimations are correct, they are on a positive path toward a future that will only get better.  

Looking Ahead

While a small sovereign nation, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg justifies its prominent position on the global stage when it comes to renewable energy. Luxembourg’s significance is underscored by its strategic geographical location, leaving it in a position to shape the energy policies and advancements of numerous neighboring countries.

– Matha Mathieu
Photo: Pixabay