4 More Podcasts that Highlight Global Poverty

Podcasts that Highlight Global PovertyRecent data indicates that approximately 22% of internet users are podcast listeners. This equates to 464.7 million users globally — a spike of 40 million from 2022. This indicates the rapidly increasing relevance and utility of on-the-go audio. While podcasts offer themselves as engaging sources of entertainment, they can also serve as an insightful means to learn more and spread awareness on important topics such as the global fight against poverty. July 2023 marked the introduction of The Borgen Project’s first official podcast. Co-hosts Clint Borgen and Marie Shanley dive into the latest in humanitarian news and discuss varying aspects of global poverty. Alongside this new addition to the podcast library, here are four more podcasts that highlight global poverty.

4 Podcasts that Highlight Global Poverty

  1. Business Fights Poverty – Launched in May 2020, Business Fights Poverty explores the roles business professionals play in tackling vital societal issues such as poverty, gender inequality and more. With an average of three installments per month, the show features enlightening “Social Impact Pioneers” who both inform and empower listeners on how to overcome barriers to economic growth and financial success. Past episodes have welcomed insightful figures such as Donna Rosa, whose expertise in nutritional science and food technology is crucial to the reduction of food shortages and food insecurity on a global scale. Each listen takes about 20-40 minutes. 
  2. Poverty Unpacked – Launched in March 2020, The Poverty Unpacked Podcast examines different aspects of poverty ranging from its psychological implications to its impact on interpersonal relationships and consequences throughout everyday life. With its 40-minute episodes being released on monthly basis, they dissect various topics, such as the possibility to “graduate” from poverty, how to alleviate the effects of child poverty and ways to support those living in poverty through climate change.
  3. Ending Poverty Together – Since January 2021, host Shelaine Storm of Food for the Hungry Canada has met with various experts throughout Canada once or twice per month in order to unpack how to address and understand poverty on a local and global level. Episodes feature detailed 30-40 minute discussions on diverse subjects such as the global hunger crisis, maintaining compassion in the face of child poverty and the dangerous interaction between poverty and addiction.
  4. Off-Kilter with Rebecca VallasOff-Kilter features in-depth, weekly discussions with host, Rebecca Vallas, and varying professionals and advocates alongside academics. Select episodes dissect the unjust societal landscape that can leave one vulnerable to poverty. Notably, a recent installment of the podcast included Zaki “The Barber” Smith as a guest, who detailed how a criminal record can entrap an ex-convict in a life of poverty.

Understanding Poverty with Podcasts

This variety of podcasts that highlight global poverty can allow listeners to engage routinely with a subject that has large implications for a fair quality of life throughout the world. Even one episode from any of these podcasts can offer an enlightening and informative experience. Check out these podcasts that highlight global poverty today.

– Katrina Girod
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