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How to Help People in Puerto Rico

How to Help People in Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico experiences extreme debt. It is $70 billion dollars behind in expenses. As a result, non-profits are lending their assistance to Puerto Rico to help its citizens and economy. Those wondering how to help people in Puerto Rico can rest assured that there are a variety of ways to be able to do so.

Here are four ways you can help people in Puerto Rico:

  1. Forming more locally owned businesses in Puerto Rico would help Puerto Ricans, bringing more income and attractions to the area. There are organizations such as Parallel 18 that are ready to fund new business owners in Puerto Rico with $40,000. Investors can also help Puerto Ricans by investing in small businesses. In addition to benefiting Puerto Rican business owners, the American investor also gains.
  2. Donating to charities is another way to help. Donating time or money of any amount will make a difference in Puerto Rico.
  3. Volunteering with Pro Familia, Puerto Rico’s version of Planned Parenthood can help many women and children by ensuring that women are provided with health screenings, birth control and a secure future.
  4. Finally, buying local and spreading the word about Puerto Rican products and businesses can benefit business owners. Additionally, encouraging others to take their yearly vacations to the little island can benefit those living in Puerto Rico.

Meanwhile, the U.S. is currently making an effort to help by ensuring Puerto Ricans have a temporary benefit of Medicaid assistance.

Without this help, the island would need to fund Medicaid on its own for the fiscal year of 2018. In its current financial state, this would be impossible. Over 900,000 people would be without healthcare without this form of aid.

In the words of Bernie Sanders, “We cannot allow Puerto Rico’s budget to be balanced on the backs of the most vulnerable people – working families, veterans, the elderly, children and the poor.” He continues by saying that not only is this immoral, but it is economically a bad decision as well.

Puerto Ricans can really use all the help they can get. Take action by learning how to help people in Puerto Rico today.

Noel Mcdavid

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